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Apparel Review

The Hoo-Rag Offers Quality Face Protection at a Great Price


Date: 11/2/15
Tackle type: Apparel
Manufacturer: Hoo-Rag
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.83 - BEST VALUE AWARD!

You’ve seen them. Anglers on the water with their faces and back of their necks completely covered with garments up to their hats, leaving room only for their sunglasses to gaze through. What was once considered a new fad has now become mainstream, and the garment that most anglers know of that started it all is the “Buff.” Over time there are now many new companies offering their take on this tubular garment, which can be worn so many different ways. One such company that is offering such a garment and has quickly targeted the angling community is “Hoo-Rag.”


Hoo-Rag Specifications

Material 100% Polyester Microfiber
Sizes One size fits all
Colors/Pattern More than we can count, and custom production is available
Features Seamless, stretchable, breathable, moisture wicking
Origin Printed in the US
MSRP $15.99

The Hoo-Rag is an alternative to the Buff

Impressions: How well known is “Buff” as a brand? Similar to “Kleenex” many anglers simply refer to all tubular bandanas as “Buffs.” That is what the company has earned by being first to market. After all, how different could a similar headwear garment like this be? Let’s start with the obvious, Buffs are made in Spain while Hoo-Rag sources their materials from Asia and produces the final garments right here in their US facility in Fort Pierce, Florida. This in itself is relatively unremarkable but when you handle and compare the garments side by side there are some differences.

Much smaller packaging than the Buff, each Hoo-Rag is packaged in a small plastic square

While they can basically be worn in the same ways the material used on both do feel a little dissimilar, with the Buff feeling a little softer. The Hoo-Rag is made out of 100 percent polyester microfiber similar to the Original Buff®, and both garments are designed to offer moisture wicking properties as well as offer protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

One of the first things you notice about the Hoo-Rag is that it is available in some very wicked patterns

While Buff’s feature a wide array of patterns Hoo-Rag counters with an equally wide spectrum and even what I would consider some more aggressive patterns including patterns called “Chemical Warfare” and “Skull Daddy” which feature a gasmask or grinning skull pattern respectively. If you are into camo patterns Hoo-Rag has you covered with a wide array as well. In terms of sun protection the Hoo-Rag is rated for up to 30 UPF, and what some anglers may not know is that every garment offers some UPF protection and this rating can actually vary with darker colors which provide more protection.

Each garment is branded on one end of the rag

Quality Ratings for Hoo-Rag

Thread Work

Outer Material





Rating (= Tot/Pos* 10)








The Hoo-Rag provides some warmth on chilly mornings

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