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Lure Review

Going Old School With a Tried and True Swimbait: Sunrize Tackle's Hammerhead (continued)

Weedlessness: Because of its jig-like design and stout construction, the Big Hammer Swimbait is a really effective lure to fish in submerged weedbeds. In fact, this was the primary method with which we fished this bait and the reason we chose the 1/2 ounce version. The flat shape of the jighead lends well to the bait's ability to swim through weeds though it is not perfectly weedless. In addition, because of the exposed hook, the Big Hammer Swimbait will hang up, at times, in the weeds, but a quick rip of the rod tip is usually all that's needed to free it. Hence the reason for the heavy tackle we used as well.


Two of the other colors we chose for our review, Prizm Shad and Rainbow Trout


A closeup of the Prizm Shad color


Durability: The plastic used to mold the Big Hammer Swimbait bodies is soft, but not as soft as other plastics we've used and is therefore, surprisingly durable. However, at such a low cost to acquire, stocking up on extra swimbait bodies, is not a huge expense. Our jigheads held up very well too though one or two of our heads had the eyes fall out in our utility box. A dab of Crazy Glue is all it took to re-fasten the eyes to the jigheads.


A closeup the Red Diamond color


A closeup of Rainbow Trout


Application & Effectiveness: The 1/2 ounce jighead and 5" body Big Hammer Swimbait was effective for us fishing in depths from ten to twenty feet where we metered weeds, humps, or other underwater anomalies. It can be crawled at a slow pace along the bottom and through weeds, or hopped through structure to entice strikes. We imagine the smaller sizes would be very effective in and around visible structure in more shallow water applications. In all its permutations, this is about as versatile a lure as there is today.


A detail shot of the Hammerhead Jighead


Another look at the Hammerhead Jighead's solid Mustad Ultra-Point Hook



Sunrize Tackle's Big Hammer Swimbait Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality There's really not much to these baits, but we were very satisfied with the construction and quality of our Big Hammer Swimbaits 8
Performance Wonderful swimming motion and very good durability from a soft plastic bait 8.5
Price A very affordable way to sample the craze that has become the swimbait 9
Features Good, solid Mustad Ultra-Point Hooks and unique, square swim tail but really not much else to these baits 8
Design Probably too many colors for a sane person to decide, but wonderful to have the choice. Vividness of colors, in hand, was not quite as we expected, but still very good 8
Application The only limits are your own imagination 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

               Plus                                    Minus

J Very affordable L Some of the colors were not as vivid as we imagined
J As versatile as baits come L Eyes sometimes fall out of the jigheads
J Quality, sharp hooks  L Not all colors are available in all the different sizes
J Available in so many different sizes and colors  
J Very durable plastic, yet not stiff and action-less


The Big Hammer Swimbait is a very versatile bait capable of luring some BIG bass!

Conclusion: The versatility of soft plastic embodied in a profile that attracts big fish. Need we say more? Though the popular freshwater/bass swimbaits of today have taken a pretty big departure from their precursors, there's no denying the price point these old school baits offer. For those interested in sampling the swimbait craze, yet are leary because your native waters do not contain trout, matching the hatch or forage with the Sunrize Tackle Big Hammer Swimbait is a very real possibility. With over ninety different colors you're bound to find a pattern that is effective in your local waters. What's more, with the crazy color selection of these baits, the lore of finding that "secret" color that the fish your after will just nail, but that no one else is aware of is undeniable. Even if that color doesn't really exist, it's fun to try, and the Sunrize Tackle Big Hammer Swimbait delivers.


Buy here: Big Hammer Jig Head $ 3.09

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