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Rod Review

Graphite rods for serious stand up saltwater, courtesy of G.Loomis Pro Blue

Date: 8/23/06
Tackle type: Rod
Manufacturer: G.Loomis
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.75

In many ways traditional graphite has taken a backseat to fiberglass and hybrid materials when it comes to serious saltwater rods. Graphite is extremely sensitive and lightweight but in certain applications lacks the power and durability of today’s crossbred materials. Designed to pick up exactly where the flats and bay end is the new G.Loomis Pro-Blue family of serious stand up saltwater rods. These new rods are specifically designed to offer a lightweight yet powerful solution for anglers that enjoy taking on big fish with a graphite based rod.

G.Loomis Pro-Blue PBR844C Specifications

Material Graphite
Pieces 1
Length 7'
Grip Grade A cork
Line Weight 15-30lb
Guides 10 plus the tip
Color Graphite
Action Fast
Origin USA
MSRP $240.00

The new Pro-Blue rods are designed with one purpose…to “make your day on the water a lot more enjoyable.” Traditional saltwater rods are often extremely powerful and durable, but also equally heavy and somewhat lacking in the sensitivity department.


Introducing the graphite based Pro-Blue rods for stand up saltwater anglers

When it comes to serious big game like Tuna and beyond this is a trade off most anglers are easily willing to accept, but what about those big hard fighting fish right in the middle of the spectrum? Were talking about Stripers, False Albies, Cobia, Lingcod, Permit, Grouper, and Roosters and Snook. Sure, these fish can be taken on Fiberglass or hybrid blended rods but added sensitivity from pure graphite can certainly be an advantage in certain applications. There are those that attempt to use their graphite inshore and flats rods, and while they will also do the job in some cases, there are times when you will hook into that huge saltwater fish, and that underclassed rod simply doesn’t have the muscle to get the job done.

We paired up the Pro-Blue rod with a Calcutta 300TE, which balanced out the rig nicely

That’s where the Pro-Blue comes in. This new series of rods is specifically designed to offer anglers a lighter, more sensitive, yet deceivingly powerful solution for fishermen that target monsters of the deep standing up. Using a unique blend of pure graphite the Pro-Blue rods are intended to catch big fish on “not so big” tackle.

the rod features a cork foregrip and plastic winding check

There are a total of six rods in the Pro-Blue lineup, ranging in size from 6’6” to 8’. They are available in both casting and spinning variations, but all are single piece rods. The rods themselves remind me of pumped up GLX rods. They feature a beautiful graphite weave and blue threading just like the GLX bass rods…only bigger.

Ergonomics were good thanks to 100% Genuine Fuji components

To increase the rods durability the entire blank is coated with a serious layer of gloss. Just like any good saltwater rod the rear handle is elongated to provide anglers with more leverage, and Loomis caps the rod off with a composite cork butt. Loomis rods have never been outwardly flashy, and the Pro-Blue’s are no exception, overall they are very clean, simple, yet elegant design.

Fuji guides handled braided lines without issue

Real World Test: For our tests we chose the PBR844C which is 7 feet in length and is a fast action rod that rests right in the middle of the Pro-Blue lineup in terms of power. We targeted a variety of fish including Scorpionfish, Lingcod, and ocean residing stripers. We paired the rod up with a Shimano Calcutta 300TE which balanced the outfit out nicely.  

A underside look at the reel seat

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