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Apparel Review



Entering the Vortex with Gill's New FG2 Tournament Jacket


Date: 3/13/16
Tackle Type: Apparel
Manufacturer: Gill
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.05 - GREAT

As Northern California is belted by an atmospheric river of tropical moisture courtesy of El Nino, we thought it'd be a good time to check out some of the apparel we saw at ICAST 2015. One piece in particular, Gill's FG2 Tournament Jacket, was of particular interest because of their new Vortex Hood. Here's our look at Gill's new jacket designed with the bass fisherman in mind.


Gill's FG2 Tournament coat is the company's first product developed specifically with the bass angler in mind.


Gill FG2 Tournament Jacket Specifications

Material Gill Laminated Fabric - 100% Nylon
Sizes Small - XX-Large
Colors Graphite or Red
Features Vortex Hood
Origin Made in Vietnam
MSRP $299.00


Quality/Construction: We've outlined in the past how Gill originated in the sailing world and how they are now marketing their product in the fishing industry specifically targeting bass fishermen. But up until now, they were simply bringing their product over from the sailing world and assuming it was applicable to fishing. For the most part it is, but bass fisherman in particular like to tinker with their gear, so if a $300 jacket doesn't come with special little features with their needs in mind, they're likely to pass.


Zander trying on the jacket for the first time.


Gill got the message and worked closely with their pro staff to develop this new FG2 Tournament Jacket. This jacket is made from 100% nylon and features Gill's 3 Dot technology which means it's a 2 layer, coated fabric ensuring 100% waterproof protection. Threadwork on this jacket is very good and the mesh lining inside helps with the jacket's comfort. Zippers and Velcro closures are all very heavy duty and ready for the elements.


Quality Ratings for Gill FG2 Tournament Jacket

Thread Work (1-5)
Outer Material (1-5)
Lining (1-5)
Fasteners (1-5)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)


The FG2 Tournament features a mesh lining.

Performance: Zander was our test subject with the Jacket. We had him put it on for a barrage of tests first of which was the ability of the jacket to block the wind. He suited up and we ran the boat at full speed for a run across the lake after which he said he felt snug as a bug. Not just because the jacket was effective in blocking out that wind while we were running about 60mph across the lake, but because of the jacket's Vortex hood that features an escape vent at the back of the hood releasing all that built up pressure that can be very uncomfortable while you're running the lake with the hood up. The design works really well.

The outer fabric is 100% waterproof.

Next up for Zander and the FG2 jacket was water repellency. Our test date with the jacket was a nice sunny day, so best we could do was splash some water on Zander and see how the jacket held up. Naturally, the water beads instantly and rolls off the fabric just as it does with the other Gill apparel we've previously reviewed. Gill's waterproofing technology is very effective as are their zippers and cuff closures in keeping the water out.

Mobility is not limited at all.

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