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Vehicle/Watercraft Accessory

Get Her Covered - A Premium Windshield Cover for Your Truck or SUV


Date: 9/23/15
Tackle Type: Vehicle Accessory
Manufacturer: Get Her Covered
Reviewer: EZBass

Total Score: 7.83 - GOOD


Introduction: The mercury hit 105 today and the inside of our truck is so hot you couldn't touch the steering wheel. This only happens a few times before you say “we gotta do something about this!” That's when I found the “Get Her Covered” windshield cover which is an attractive nylon cover that fits over the windshield and front door windows protecting the truck's interior from the blazing sun.


Get Her Covered Windshield Cover Specifications

Material 600 Denier Nylon
Sizes One Size (Designed for full size trucks and SUVs)
Features Three color patterns
MSRP $99 - $125

What is this product?

Impressions: At first we noticed the high quality construction, the thickness of the material and sturdy composition. When it came time to select a pattern we chose the American Flag version because it matched my wrapped BAM Ram truck.

Is it a flag?

Use and Operation: Taking it out of the package the product looks a little cumbersome to install and even after a few times we thought it was taking too long to install but when we actually timed the entire installation process we found that from start to finish it took about 70 seconds, which isn’t all that bad, but feels like a long time when your itching to go fishing. Once on, the cover looks stylish and does a great job of keeping the heat out of the cab, protecting the dash and interior.

It may look like a flag but this is a high end windshield cover

The one-size fits all is great, however, not all trucks are created equal. The cover's fit pretty fairly on our RAM 3500, it covered the windshield fine but the fit on the door windows could have been a little better. With this said we understand that if there was a custom model for each vehicle the cost would most likely be significantly higher.

The Get Her Covered windshield cover is designed to cover the entire front cab of your full sized truck or SUV

Removing the cover is fast about 30 seconds but storage is a little awkward.  You can fold the cover to make a square about 12" x 12" and store it under the seat or put it back in the plastic bag it came in.

The cover goes over the door

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