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Lure Preview

Arriving to stores near you. New tackle with a new twist for 2003 

Date: 6/19/02
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Harrison Hoge Industries, Inc./Panther Martin
Reviewer: JIP

Introduction: With the new year just around the corner different companies are beginning to introduce their 2003 new products for anglers to explore, and of course at the same time catch some fish.  Harrison Hoge, the makers of Panther Martin lures has introduced some exciting new tackle to add to their already popular collection.  

Harrison Hoge Holographic Superior Frog Specifications

Material Solid soft plastic
Colors available Chartreuse, Green
Weights available 3/8, 5/8oz
MSRP $3.29 - $3.49

Impressions: When I first looked at the new Holographic Superior Frogs they looked very similar to the original Superior Frogs.  After another glance I noticed many differences.  The new Holographic frogs have similar body shape design and hook placement, but now here are the differences.  The Holographic frogs now use a solid soft plastic PVC material compared to a foamed soft plastic.  The soft plastic that's used is also clear.  That means you can see into or through the frogs.  This is where the holographic design and name of the frogs became.  Inside the 2003 Holographic Superior Frogs is a reflective holographic material that gives these lures an attractive and tempting look.  The addition of two new colors also display an aggressive and realistic look to these frogs to further entice strikes from fish.


The Holographic Superior Frogs have two new ways to be more attractive to the fish: a holographic material and an entirely new color and pattern that produces a more eye-catching lure  

Preliminary Tests: A side to side comparison in the lab is a must for the frogs.  The new Holographic Superior Frogs were compared and looked at for their buoyancy, action, and if it always lands on it's belly.  Both of the frogs have similar action.  The legs kick like a real frog would when retrieved.  When casting they would always land on their bellies.  Lastly the buoyancy.  The new Holographic Superior Frogs float slightly lower than the original, but I have been told by Cecil Hoge, Jr., President of Harrison Hoge, that the new production frogs will have the same amount of buoyancy as the Superior Frogs.


Comparing the new Holographic Superior Frog to the original.  Both have similar actions, but the new frog has an added feature that will attract and entice more fish to strike


Another important thing to note from the lab test is that the new frogs produce a much more attractive look in the water.  The clear body design and holographic tape inside the frogs make the Holographic Superior Frogs very eye catching, especially when the sun reflects off of the tape inside the frog's body.


Panther Martin Rainbow Minnow Specifications

Material Solid soft plastic
Minnow Colors Rainbow trout
Spinner Colors available Gold, Silver
Weights available 1/8, 3/8, 5/8, 1oz
MSRP $2.99 - $3.99

Impressions: Earlier this year 2002 Panther Martin released their PM Minnows, for the year 2003 they will introduce a similar product but with a slight difference.  The new Panther Martin Rainbow Minnows come in a whole new different pattern/color.  From the name you might be able to guess what it is.  It's a minnow with a rainbow trout pattern and color.  This new addition will improve their series of minnows that already have a good tail, body, and spinner action.  The spinner blades come in 2 popular colors, gold and silver, and you can select from the 4 different sizes available for your type and style of fishing.


The all new Panther Martin Rainbow Minnows has a realistic design, color, and it utilizes their traditional spinners to attract fish (What's the minnow on the top?)

Preliminary Tests: Similar to the original Panther Martin Minnows the new PM Rainbow Minnows also employ the same spinner design, body shape, and the incredible tail action.  The wiggly tail is quite lively and would tempt any fish into engulfing the entire minnow.  The spinner provides shine and sound to enhance the action of the lure.  The minnow can be worked with a constant retrieve, ripping it like a panicking or hurt bait fish, or pull up and let it dive like a fish running for cover.  The new rainbow color and pattern will also benefit the Anglers who fish lakes and reservoirs that are stocked with trout.


In the water the PM Rainbow Minnow is quite lively, especially the action produced by the tail

Conclusion: As always TackleTour is very excited about this time in the year when manufacturers announce and introduce the latest and greatest tackle innovations.  For the new year Harrison Hoge and it's lure division Panther Martin introduces 4 new Panther Martin Rainbow Minnows and 2 impressive Harrison Hoge Holographic Superior Frogs.  The new designs, colors, patterns, and actions make these new lures attractive to not just Anglers, but also to the fish.  These lures are new to you and to the fish... something they have never seen before and may be very interested in taking a strike at. As the final mass production versions become available TackleTour will follow up with our in depth reviews of these and other exciting lures from Harrison Hoge.









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