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Apparel Review

frogg toggs' Pro Angler Suit... lightweight, compact, and 100% waterproof raingear

Date: 9/27/04
Tackle type: Apparel
Manufacturer: frogg toggs
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.25

Introduction: Rainy season is right around the corner, and with that itch to fish, anglers still find themselves braving the elements to hook up. This can be a miserable experience with the only thing being caught being a wretched cold, or it can result in landing fish on less pressured water when you are armed with the right raingear. Go out and fish in foul weather with the frogg toggs Pro Angler Suit which is designed to keep you warm and dry without impeding any of your fish fighting movements.


frogg toggs Pro Angler Suit (PA109) Specifications

Material Microporous Polypropylene
Sizes Available Medium - XXXXL
Colors Blue, Black, Khaki, Gray, Orange
Price $79.95


Introducing the frogg toggs Pro Angler Suit that's 100% waterproof and extremely lightweight


About frogg toggs: frogg toggs was founded in 1996 with a purpose to provide outdoorsmen with outerwear that's 100% waterproof, windproof, lightweight, and breathable. They developed and patented their own material that is used in the construction of a complete series of garments.

Impressions: Today's raingear comes in the form of many different materials, some of which are definitely better than others. While some are heavy, extremely durable, and 100% waterproof, some aren't as well made, especially the thinner ones. Frogg toggs are thinner and lighter in weight than most waterproof suits, and we were afraid that the same shortcomings we have seen in other light suits might befall the frogg toggs as well.


Upon arrival, the box that held the Pro Angler Suit was small and it almost felt as if it was completely devoid of contents. The PA109 suit is extremely lightweight and packs very small. Upon first touch of the microporous polypropylene made suit, it felt almost like... paper. The jacket and bib felt nothing like the rainsuits that we are used to. The material is thin, lightweight, and the outer side of the jacket has an unique texturized surface. The frogg toggs feature a zippered jacket that is protected via a flap, and a hood that's stowed out of the way until needed. The bib portion uses an elastic shoulder strap with quick connect/disconnect and at the bottom uses Velcro to ensure a tight fit at the cuffs.


[upper left] Welded seam on the bib [upper right] Seam from the outside [lower left] Inner side of the jacket showing a different style of welded seam [lower right] a zipper compartment that holds the hood


The Seams: The main panels of frogg toggs are constructed using a unique "no-needle" seam design. The 3-layer material utilizes the company's patented ultrasonic seam welded process that eliminates any unnecessary holes and prevents any entry of water. The seams on the jacket and bib employ a different layout but feature the same welding process. The zippers are actually sewed on and protection is provided through a storm flap.

Field Tests: The Pro Angler Suit seemed like a pretty versatile piece of outerwear so I put it through the works. The PA109 suit was used on backpacking trips for trout, bass fishing in lakes, and put up against the harsh saltwater fishing conditions found on the ocean.


Performance: From my first impressions, I really had no idea how the frogg toggs would perform in bad weather conditions. On one backpacking+fishing trip up to the high sierras, the trip started out to be wonderful. As we trekked along the river, we had a terrific time fishing.  By the time we reached about half way towards camp, large menacing looking thunder clouds started rolling in over our heads. In a short while it was pouring and we had to retreat and put on our raingear. Even thought it stopped us from fishing, I thought what a perfect time it would be to test the frogg toggs as I packed only the jacket portion with me on our lightweight backpacking trip. Shortly after wearing the Pro Angler jacket, I found out just how waterproof it was. Absolutely amazing how this paper-thin material can perform so well. The jacket was not only 100% waterproof but windproof and extremely lightweight.  The PA109 jacket has a hood that can be taken out of its pocket when needed, and while it does provide a good way to keep you dry from head down, the hood wasn't large enough to keep my face from getting wet.  That's because there's literally no brim. If you wear a cap underneath the hood while it's raining, then you will be slightly more protected.


Attached to the elastic shoulder straps are easy to use quick connects


After the thunder clouds passed on and our hike continued, I never took off the frogg toggs as it felt like it wasn't even there. The jacket was loose and extremely lightweight. The patented Microporous Polypropylene material is quite breathable and allowed perspiration vapor to pass through the suit instead of remaining entrapped causing me to sweat.


The Pro Angler Suit comes with a jacket and bib and I suited up completely to do battle with ocean species from salmon to rockfish.  While running in rough waters, it can sometimes be extremely wet and in an open boat like our Boston Whaler 170 Montauk, you will get completely soaked if not wearing the right clothing. The frogg toggs kept me absolutely dry on every trip out on the ocean. While the jacket kept my upper body dry, the bib did its part for my lower half. Since it is a bib, it keeps the wind and water from creeping into your inner layers and kept me dry as a bone.


Use the Velcro to make a tight fit around your ankles so you won't step on the bib legs and trip


Comfort: The comfort level of the Pro Angler Suit is outstanding. The material isn't "Downy" soft, but it's featherlight! You can wear it all day and it won't weigh you down. The breathable frogg toggs material keeps you dry and unbelievably warm for being so thin, something one wouldn't believe until you've tried it.

 While the Pro Angler Suit is thin it is also surprisingly tough for its thickness, but in terms of durability it still isn't the best. The middle layer is constructed of a film of polypro and through months of testing it shows no signs of wear at all. The outer and inner layers consists of non-woven polypropylene fibers which isn't as durable and does show some wear after much use. The locations where much rubbing occurs the outer layer will start to look like it's thinning. The material is also prone to snags from sharp objects especially hooks. But even with some chafing the frogg toggs suit was still 100% waterproof.


Another thing that can be improved are the elastic shoulder straps on the bib.  At first they worked great and were easy to adjust but after prolonged use the straps stretched and overall elasticity declined.


The Pro Angler Suit is very comfortable to have on, and it's loose enough to fit right over your current clothes and won't restrict movement while fishing


Applications: The PA109 suit is great for many applications and excels in some areas better than others. The frogg toggs Pro Angler Suit is great for all types of freshwater fishing on foul weather days. It packs small, is 100% waterproof, lightweight, and is loose enough to slip right over your current clothing. The small packing size allows any angler to stuff it into their tackle bag or boat to have ready on those unpredictable rainy days. The suit can also be used in saltwater applications, but like other saltwater gear, it must be able to withstand serious abuse. For anglers who don't need to wear protective raingear at all times while saltwater fishing, the PA109 suit will be great to have onboard. Also if you're doing a lot of fishing where plenty of fish slime and blood drench your gear it is important to note that washing it off the non-woven material isn't as easy as with a smooth rubber based garment.


Price: Raingear comes in all qualities and of course a substantial price range. Quality outerwear can be extremely costly adding up to an amount well over $300 for an entire suit. Frogg toggs developed the Pro Angler Suit that consist of a jacket and bib constructed of a 3-layer polypropylene material that makes it 100% waterproof, windproof, and extremely lightweight, all for under $80. For the price and its function, the suit is a good price but not exactly a great value if you factor in the long term durability.



Frogg Toggs Pro Angler Suit (PA109) Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Definitely a good choice of material and constructed to be 100% waterproof.  Its quality can be improved especially in areas where it gets rubbed a lot 7.5
Performance Awesome performance!  100% waterproof even after the outer layer was thinned.  The seams didn't leak and the entire suit is also windproof 9
Price A decent price for a full suit to keep you dry and warm 8
Features The suit sports basic features to keep your dry such as microporous material, welded main seams, Velcro on the cuffs of the bib, hood, and a storm flap that lays over the zippers to prevent any direct rain contact 8
Design (Ergonomics) This is probably the lightest rainsuit on the market that's 100% waterproof.  It's so lightweight you can wear is all day with comfort and it won't get in your way of fishing.  The only addition in design that needs change is the hood and the bib shoulder straps 8.5
Application A great outerwear for multiple applications from freshwater to saltwater fishing.  It packs extremely small so it can be stored on the boat or in your tackle bag for emergencies.  Aside from fishing it can be used for travel, backpacking, and much more 8.5

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J 100% Waterproof L Outer layer should be more durable
J Extremely lightweight L Not the easiest to wash if you get slime and blood on the suit because of the non-woven material
J Windproof  
J Packs small  

Conclusion: If you fish, it is necessary to own a good piece of raingear to be able to continue fishing on those nasty days, and even more importantly, to make sure you stay healthy and are able to fish the day after that. A quality garment is one that will keep you dry and comfortable the entire time you're out on foul weather days, and be tough enough to continue to shield you from the elements season after season. The frogg toggs Pro Angler Suit is constructed out of a 3-layer polypropylene material that is extremely lightweight, windproof, and 100% waterproof. The suit is a perfect suit for packing over distances, or storing on your boat just in case. The suit delivers exceptional performance when new, but the outer layer of the suit does take on some wear and tear with age. Yet through it all, after a complete season of use, the frogg toggs Pro Angler suit continues to effectively ward away the elements. While not recommended for extreme heavy duty "deck hand" type applications where constant contact with slime and guts is inevitable, the suit is indeed a quality garment. One that should be considered by anglers looking for a portable and comfortable ensemble capable of keeping you dry and smiling through the downpour.









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