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Apparel Review



No Flash, No Frills, Just Protection : S1 Series Stormsuit by Frabill


Date: 10/31/16
Tackle Type: Apparel
Manufacturer: Frabill
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.02 - GREAT

While Simms, Gill, Huk, Underarmour, Stormr, and others are making a big splash in the bass market with their high-tech fabrics and eye-catching color schemes, one company has been quietly producing rain gear for fishermen for almost eighty (80) years with little to no fanfare. Frabill's suits won't cost you an arm and a leg but they will keep them warm, dry, and comfortable. Here's our look at their F1 Series storm suit.


Introducing Frabill's F1 Series Stormsuit.


Frabill F1 Series Stormsuit Specifications

Material Two-Layer Waterproof Fabric
Sizes 6 (Small - 3XL)
Colors Bibs = Black or Tan : Jacket = Dark Green, Coastal Blue, Light Blue, Black
Features Windproof, Breathable, Rip-Stop Shell, sealed seams, removable shoulder straps, articulated knees
Origin Made in China
MSRP $124.99 each / $249.98 entire suit


The F1 Series is built for more moderate temperature storms.


Quality/Construction: The F1 Series suit from Frabill is a bit more casual in fit and finish than the recent, higher suits from many of the afore mentioned manufacturers. That being said, actual quality of construction of the suit itself is very good with nice, tight threadwork. There's a full length, mesh lining in both the jacket and rain bib, and the outer layer of the jacket and rainbib is a soft, polyester/nylon material similar to that on a light windbreaker. The garments' zipper and snaps are all kind of medium grade but operate well upon delivery.


Quality Ratings for Frabill F1 Series Stormsuit

Thread Work (1-5)
Outer Material (1-5)
Lining (1-5)
Fasteners (1-5)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)


The rainbibs are cut lower than traditional rainbibs which results in a more comfortable overall fit.

Performance: Frabill's F1 Series rain suit is made for warmer climate conditions, so I fished it as my primary suit from late Spring through the Summer. What I enjoy most about this suit, correct that, the bibs primarily, is the mobility they provide you. When you're wearing most other bibs, you are constantly reminded in some shape or form, that you're wearing bibs. The lower cut top on the Frabill F1 Series bibs provides for a much more comfortable fit while at the same time providing you with sufficient protection from the rain.

Water repellency of the rip-stop nylon is very good.

Mobility of this suit as well, thanks to the softer, more compliant polyester/nylon outer shell material is excellent. The afore mentioned mesh lining is throughout both the bib and the jacket and this is key in allowing the air to breathe between you and the nylon shell aiding in the comfort of both the jacket and bib.

Because the bibs are so short on top, mobility is also increased.

Where I expected this suit to fail me was in water repellency because the fabric just does not feel very water repellent, but Frabill has done a very good job in this area as well. Water beads up easily on the outer surface of both pieces. Wind protection is also very good.

It's very easy to wear the bibs all day long.

The bibs come with adjustable shoulder straps and Velcro waist closures to customize the fit to your body. The articulated knees aid in mobility and all the pockets feature both a zipper and snap closure for added security. This suit performed very well out on the water.

Bending down to lip a fish is no problem.


Performance Ratings for Frabill F1 Series Stormsuit

Wind Block (1-5)
Water Repellence (1-5)
Mobility (1-5)

Warmth / Breathability (1-5)

Adjustability of Fit (1-5)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)


Keiko shows off the zipper that goes up about 1/3rd the way up the pant leg.

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