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Apparel Review

Full face protection with the comfortable and lightweight Save Phace Fish Hedz

Date: 5/31/05
Tackle type: Apparel
Manufacturer: Save Phace
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 9.08 + EDITOR'S CHOICE

Introduction: Fairly new to the fishing industry, Save Phace's innovative Fish Hedz mask has garnered plenty of attention from the press and anglers alike. This unique face mask provides excellent protection against flying objects, rain, and wind when running your boat at high speeds. Not only does it protect, it's also designed to be especially lightweight and comfortable to wear.


Save Phace Fish Hedz Specifications

Type Fishing/Boating mask
Mask Material ABS plastic
Lens Material Polycarbonate
Size 1 available
Total Weight 11.1oz
Colors/Patterns 21 available
Features Clear lens, anti-fog coating, foam gasket, adjustable strap, anti-fog and anti-static spray, cloth sack
MSRP $74.95 - 89.95


Introducing the new Fish Hedz, a full face mask by Save Phace

Save Phace: Located in Northern California, Save Phace is a relatively young company that made a big splash into the fishing industry last year at ICAST. After years of development and testing they have created Fish Hedz, a full face mask that is intended to make your boat rides quite a bit more comfortable. The great thing about the Save Phace team is that they are all avid anglers like ourselves, and the product was designed just for unique requirements of anglers. In addition to the Fish Hedz, they are currently working on numerous exciting products for the future.


With Fish Hedz you can choose any of the exciting 21 patterns


Impressions: The Fish Hedz mask is an impressive product and nothing on the store shelves compare to it today. When speaking to Jim Neal, Regional Sales Manager of Save Phace, he stated, "we designed the Fish Hedz to provide full frontal face protective coverage that's lightweight and comfortable. In addition it is a mask we can take off and put on quickly as running from spot to spot in bass tournaments is extremely critical." He was absolutely right because our first impression of the mask when we took it out of the box is that it is indeed very lightweight. This mask weighs barely anything even though it's a full face mask that covers from your forehead to chin and ear to ears.


When we unwrapped the mask we were further impressed by the cool woven graphite pattern on our So Phat series Hannibal test model. This is only one of the many awe-inspiring patterns you can get with the Fish Hedz masks. The aerodynamic mask features aggressive contours and patterns that add to its overall neat appearance.


This isn't your typical mask. The Fish Hedz is aerodynamic and has aggressive patterns


Attached to the ABS plastic full face mask is a clear polycarbonate lens that comes with the mask. This interchangeable clear lens, along with others that you can buy, are treated with an anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UV coating. A fully adjustable elastic strap is used similar to ones you would find on ski goggles to put on the mask. Inside the mask in front of the lens you will find a supple foam gasket that is thick and malleable, something that anglers will surely welcome when wearing the mask throughout the day.


The Fish Hedz mask comes in only one size, but according to Save Phace this mask is made to fit 98% of the population. The mask also comes with a nice cloth sack to hold the mask when not in use.


Zander puts on the Fish Hedz for our field test

Field Tests: The Fish Hedz was designed to be used when running the boat in any type of situation, rain or shine. We put the mask up against the elements when we took our Triton TR-186 up to high speeds, wore it while pounding waves on cold foggy days on the ocean, and road tested it on a rainy day to really put it through the paces.


Usage: When we are fishing, having hassle-free gear is extremely important. We don't want to be fumbling and wasting time with equipment that takes valuable time from when we could be landing more fish, especially in tournaments where every minute counts. The Save Phace Fish Hedz mask is very effortless to put on and take off. Even though Save Phace instructs you to place your chin in first after you spread the mask where the strap is attached, I found it even more easy the other way around. With both hands, take grip of the mask on both sides where the strap connects onto the mask with your thumb under the strap and spread it apart. From the top bring the strap over your head, angling the mask up towards the sky. Spread the mask some more if necessary and lower the Fish Hedz in front of your face. To remove the mask just do the opposite. After a few tries, I was able to put on the mask within a second, and same with taking it off.


Changing the lens is really simple. The extra lenses you purchase comes with an extra storage cloth sack


With the Fish Hedz you have the option to change the lens to a different shade. Aside from the clear, Save Phace also sells a smoked, yellow, and tinted lens. Swapping lenses is also quick and easy.


Performance: You are provided full face protection with the Fish Hedz when running your boat at any speed. We tested the Save Phace mask against the elements when fishing that consisted of water splash, bugs, birds, chilly winds, and more. Once while Zander and I were zooming through the California Delta waterways at 50 mph on our old Nitro bass boat. During that time many Swallows were diving and gliding near the surface of the water and one actually hit me on the side of my head while I was riding shotgun. Yes, it was embarrassing...but even worse, it hurt! I really wish I had the Fish Hedz mask at that time to prevent me from the menace of the lackadaisical Swallows. During our test this time we didn't run into any kamikaze birds, but plenty of other things such as bugs and weeds from our stowed trolling motor that would fly at my face. Though it did dirty my Fish Hedz, the mask protected my face from anymore painful encounters at high speeds.


Running the Triton TR-186 at high speeds to test the mask. Notice Zander sitting in an upright position instead of ducking near the windshield like he used to


Many anglers complain how painful it is when driving your bass boat fast when it's raining. The rain drops really sting your face when going at those speeds. This is not something you should try at home, but we always go all out to test a product to bring you the most thorough results. We didn't get to drive the boat with the mask on while it rained, but we were "blessed" with a few days of off and on Spring showers where we were able to test the mask by sticking our head out of the car window. The mask kept my face completely dry, but in certain instances a small amount of water did seep through and dripped down the lens.


I don't know about the rest of you, but when I run my Boston Whaler Montauk in the ocean I stand up. There's no windshield to protect me against the wind. It really irritates my eyes making them red and dry, and also on those exceptionally cold days it actually gives me a bad case of brain freeze. Not only that, I have been told many times that I actually talk funny after an hour drive in cold weather due to my face and lips going numb. So you see the Fish Hedz really is a god send for those harsh offshore conditions. No more brain freeze or talking funny, and say goodbye to dry and itchy red eyes. The Save Phace mask keeps the wind out of my eyes and keeps my face warm. Also if you want additional warmth, you can wear the Fish Hedz over a hood, ski beanie, balaclava, and more.


One end of the strap can be taken off when needed


No matter what speed you're traveling in your boat, no wind will blow on your face. We ran in the ocean and across lakes at high speeds and the Fish Hedz gave us full frontal protection against the wind. No more ducking down near the windshield when running 60+ mph. With the Save Phace mask on we were able to sit back on our seat in a nice comfortable upright position easily challenging the winds.


If you're concerned about peripheral vision with this mask, you don't have to worry because the large and wide lens allows you to easily see all around you. And even though the side of the mask covers your ears, it still allows surprisingly good hearing.


When wearing the mask you have great peripheral vision


One thing that happens a lot with traditional goggles is fogging. It has always been a problem especially in ski goggles. Fogging is a big issue with many types of masks, even with anti-fog sprays. Here's what we found out about the Fish Hedz. Before the Fish Hedz mask leaves the factory it received a coat of anti-fog. This treatment goes on and stays on. When we wore the Fish Hedz fogging wasn't even a problem. Not only does the lens prevent fogging, the foam gasket provides a barrier between your nose and lens, keeping your breath from reaching the lens.


You won't have to worry about the Fish Hedz flying off your head. The single strap on the back does an excellent job securing the mask on snugly. Thanks to the aerodynamic design the mask does not grab onto the wind causing all sorts of nasty counter force. Instead it does a good job cutting through, and when we turned our head left, right, and then back the Fish Hedz stayed on securely.


The strap securely holds the mask onto your face, even when pounding waves in the ocean or running at high speed on flat calm lakes


Comfort: Not only does the Fish Hedz perform well when running in high speeds, the mask is very comfortable to wear thanks to the exceptional shell design. The only two parts from the mask that come in contact with you is the thick and soft foam gasket and the elastic strap. At no time did the ABS plastic rub against our face or head.


In addition, the Fish Hedz mask was made to wear over your glasses or sunglasses. Unlike goggles that really pinch your glasses frame against your face and head, this mask never produced uncomfortable pressure on our glasses, a big plus since we won't have to remove our shades before putting on the mask. Not only can you wear you glasses or sunglasses, I was able to wear my glasses and Cocoons in size medium, under the mask without any problems.


The thick and wide foam gasket is very comfortable on the face


Remember, the Fish Hedz is not a helmet. Sweating won't be an issue with this protective mask because heat can escape from the top and all around, stationary or while zooming across the water.


Motorcycle helmets are great, they provide full protection when running your boat, but they are heavy and cumbersome. The Save Phace So Phat Hannibal mask weighs in at only 11.1 ounces! Lightweight and form fitting design makes the Fish Hedz a true winner in the ergonomics category.


Constructed out of ABS plastic, the mask is quite durable

 The ABS plastic mask does a good job in terms of being durable. We conducted drop tests in our lab and it held up nicely. No fractures or chipping of the plastic occurred. Then we took it out for field tests. Though you can hang the Fish Hedz on the steering wheel we tossed it on the floor of the boat. At times it rolled around and being kicked and even stepped on when excitedly running around landing fish. The mask took absolutely no damage, but be very careful with the lens. Lenses on any type of glasses, masks, etc. are prone to scratches. Save Phace makes use of a Polycarbonate lens material which we have mentioned in past reviews. Aside from glass, Polycarbonate is one of the best materials to use as a lens in terms of durability.


Though the price might be slightly on the steep end, the mask does exactly what it claims and offers the best protection to your face from the elements we have ever seen in such a comfortable and portable design


Price: There are goggles, motorcycle helmets, masks for other applications (paintball masks), but nothing compares to the Save Phace. The other protective masks and helmets are either too heavy or have too many holes and do not provide true protection against the elements. Anglers are now armed with a mask specifically made for us. The Fish Hedz provides all the protection you need against objects, the wind, and yes... even kamikaze birds. Though the price might feel a little heavy on the pockets for some, it's actually not a bad price for a good product that's made to last years and provide some seriously good protection.


Save Phace Fish Hedz Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The ABS plastic mask and polycarbonate lens are durable. The mask is molded very well along with great craftsmanship 9
Performance Outstanding performance! The mask keeps your face dry, warn, keeps the wind off your face, and prevents objects and rain from slapping your face 9.5
Price A decent price for a high performance lightweight mask to provides full protection 8
Features The mask features full coverage to maximum protection from oncoming flying objects, an adjustable strap, interchangeable lens system, form fitting foam, and cool patterns 9
Design (Ergonomics) Bravo! Very ergonomic in design. It is lightweight, easy to use, fits well, don't bear down on your neck, and you can wear it with your glasses or sunglasses without discomfort 10
Application This mask can be used whenever you're boating, fresh or salt, but shouldn't be wore while you're fishing 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Keeps the wind off your face L Tiny amount of water seeped through the mask
J Protects your face against flying objects  
J Comfortable  
J Lightweight  
J Anti-fog  

Conclusion: From our very first impressions to our final results, the Fish Hedz has been outstanding. This isn't a paintball mask nor is it a heavy helmet. The Fish Hedz is a full frontal protective mask that's lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. In addition to its ergonomics the Save Phace mask performs like no other. Its aerodynamic design keeps the wind, bugs, rain, and other elements off your face giving you a pain-free ride on your boat even at very high speeds. That's not all. The Fish Hedz is easy to put on, and you can wear this mask over your sunglasses or prescription glasses, all without annoying fogging up of the polycarbonate lens. Once we used the Fish Hedz it was a clear choice for TackleTour's Editor's Choice award for its splendid performance, comfortable fit, ease of use, and great overall construction. If you want facial protection again the elements when running your boat at any speed, especially those who are riding shotgun on single console bass boats, the Save Phace Fish Hedz will make your boat ride and fishing trip much more pleasurable.









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