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Rod Review


Fenwick's Elite Tech Entry to Our Search For One... the ETB69MH-FC


Date: 10/20/16
Tackle Type: Rod
Manufacturer: Fenwick
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.59 - GOOD

Late last year I shared a little nostalgia with a look at Fenwick's Elite Tech spinning rod, the ETB69M-MFS. A stick that turned out to be a good all purpose choice for those who prefer spinning gear to casting. Today, we take a look at that stick's counterpart in the casting side. Let's see how the ETB69MH-FC suits in our Search for One campaign.


Fenwick Elite Tech ETB69MH-FC Specifications

Material High Modulus Graphite
Length 6'-9"
Line Wt. 10-17lb
Lure Wt. 1/4-3/4oz
Pieces One
Guides 9+Tip (Ti/Zirconium)
Rear Handle Length 10
Power Rating Medium Heavy
Taper Fast
Rod Weight 4.3oz
Origin Made in China
MSRP $149.99


Quality/Construction: Fenwick's Elite Tech ETB69MH-FC is a six foot, nine inch (6'-9") casting rod built from what Fenwick describes as a high modulus graphite blank. It has a painted brown finish that's finished off with a clear gloss coat. The rod's handle is a split rear grip design with a mixture of EVA foam and rubberized cork.


Fenwick's Elite Tech ETB69MH-FC is a six foot, nine inch (6'-9") casting rod built from what Fenwick describes as a high modulus graphite blank.


A look down the length of the rod from handle to tip reveals a very straight blank and perfectly aligned guides. Epoxy work around the thread wraps is seamless and flows right into the rod's clear gloss coating.


Quality Ratings for Fenwick Elite Tech ETB69MH-FC

Finish (1-5)
Grip (1-5)
Epoxy (1-5)
Blank (1-2)
Guides (1-2)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)


The reel seat is Fenwick's own design and named their Hidden Handle Design reel seat.

Performance: I initially matched the Fenwick Elite Tech ETB69MH-FC with a Quantum EXO but soon discovered the rod's reel seat couldn't hold the EXO firmly. Apparently the Exo's reel foot has an arch that is more shallow than that of other reels and while I've never had an issue on standard Fuji reel seats, Fenwick's custom seat does not accept reels like this. So instead, I paired it with an Abu Garcia Silver Max casting reel that I needed to take out for some tests anyway.

The rear grip is a mix of three materials.

Casting: Reel matching problems aside, the ETB69MH-FC comes with a prototypical "medium-heavy" powered lure rating of one quarter ounce to three quarter ounce (1/4oz - 3.4oz). In both casting and pitching duties it seems to load best with lures to about three eighths of an ounce (3/8oz) at the bottom to about five eighths (5/8ths) or even three quarters ounce (3/4oz) at the top.

The butt end of the rod is EVA foam.

I really like this stick with a five eighths ounce spinnerbait. Its shorter length makes it really easy to whip a spinnerbait into tight spaces in and around docks and tule clumps. It's also a fun stick with which to pitch unweighted soft plastics, and if you have the skill, skip baits under docks and other tight spaces with. I can kind of do this with a frog sometimes, but very inconsistently.

Guides are titanium frames with zirconium inserts.

Sensitivity: Considering the ETB79MH-FC has a painted blank finished with a gloss coat on top of the paint and comfortable but kind of massive reel seat, it's very respectable in the sensitivity department. This can be enhanced, naturally, if you're using braid, fluoro, or a combination thereof. I was fishing it primarily with Yozuri Hybrid line - a blend of nylon monofilament and fluorocarbon and a line that in itself is pretty decent in terms of sensitivity.

The rod features an open ended hook keeper.

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