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Apparel Review


Blending Technical and Lifestyle Apparel Seamlessly - FAT BASS Performance Shirts and Neck Gaiters


Date: 8/20/21
Tackle type: Technical Apparel
Manufacturer: Fat Bass
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score (Origins Shirt): 8.66 - GREAT

Total Score (Neck Gaiter): 9.0 - EDITOR'S CHOICE

Introduction: Within every industry there are smaller brands that look to carve out their own niche. The fishing apparel market, and especially the bass fishing segment, is a very crowded field and yet some up and coming brands are finding success by offering differentiated products. FAT BASS is relative newcomer to this space, but the company has been making waves with their products sporting unique artistic styling and support from weekend warriors and Pro Anglers, including recent B.A.S.S. Elite Series winner Takumi Ito. 


Fat Bass Origins Shirt Specifications

Material 90% Polyester/10% Spandex
Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL,3XL
Colors 1
Features UPF 50, breathable, moisture wicking, active fit, Logo printed and sewn on, green tablecloth pattern on inner neck
MSRP $45.00

Fat Bass Apparel is known for performance shirts and neck gaiters

Fat Bass Neck Gaiter Specifications

Material 100% Polyester smooth technical microfiber fabric
Sizes One size fits most (9.8 in x 15 in)
Colors multiple patterns (4+)
Features UPF 50+, tubular garment, moisture wicking, quick-drying, breathable
MSRP $25.00

The "T.I. Elite" Neck Gaiter was designed with original artwork for Pro Bass Angler Taku Ito

Impressions: I first learned about the FAT BASS brand from the team at Baitsanity. The founder and owner of FAT BASS, Lawrence Michel Parker (or Micky), is also a member of the Baitsanity prostaff. After learning more about the company’s backstory, I became interested in exploring how their garments performed.

The signature Fat Bass logo and slogan on the Origin Shirt pocket

If there is one thing that I’ve learned about smaller up and coming clothing manufacturers it is that they often bring a unique story that has led them to the point of creating a brand. Think about Oliver Ngy and the Big Bass Dreams, or Lloyd Gomez and Bass Brigade. Each of these individuals combined their passion for fishing, artistry, and an entrepreneurial sprit to create not only apparel brands but movements that have had a lasting impression on the industry. I got similar vibes after getting to know Micky, and the origins of FAT BASS. 

The Bass Mania Neck Gaiter paired with an Aftco shirt

Wind things back just four years ago and Micky was writing movies in Hollywood and fishing in his off time and in doing so discovered the bass paradise that is Castaic Lake. Being a very competitive person, it didn’t take long for him to start getting into tournament fishing, and within a short period started to bring home his first wins, which only fueled his passion for the sport. During this period he was still working in the entertainment industry concurrently.

The Lily Camo performance shirt looks great and has a very distinct pattern that I love but the fit wasn't as comfortable as the Origin shirt

We asked Micky to describe the origins of FAT BASS in his own words, to which he replied, “after winning my first tournaments I wanted something to wear that showed off my love of bass fishing but still looked nice. I scoured the internet forever looking for stuff but couldn’t find anything close to what I wanted. At this particular moment in time I was working on a gritty southern biker film that I wrote and just finished making the vests that I designed for the movie. This shop owner in Venice saw them one day and tried to offer me money for them. I explained they were for a movie and she replied back by saying “well if your movie doesn’t work out, call me I can sell those things for a lot of money, they are rockin!” Now I still have the vest, but it did give me an idea to make the bass fishing clothing that I wanted. Shortly after I got engaged and went to visit my fiancés family in South Korea. This is where the idea of Fat Bass really took off. I learned so much from all the different shops and people working in the fashion district around that I came up with, designed and made my first FAT BASS Polo shirt. I can’t explain the kind of confidence and joy that came in that moment, but what I can tell you for certain is, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and where I wanted to take this company into the future. FAT BASS would be an upscale casual fishing brand that would make tasteful clothing for people on and off the water that wanted to show their love of bass fishing in a new sleek way.”

Employing the Fat Bass Neck Gaiter during winter. This garment provides a little bit of warmth but is best for warmer conditions. I did like the added wind protection on all days however

Real World Tests: I’ve been wearing a few of the FAT BASS pieces for a full season and primarily focused on their two technical shirts, the “Origins” and “Lily Camo” shirts, and the brand’s neck gaiters. While I have primarily been employing them during bass fishing I have also used these garments for inshore fishing when targeting rockfish in California and snook and tarpon off the Florida coast. As with all apparel tests I tried to really live in these garments, use them throughout the seasons, and travel with them to see how well they performed on the road.

The extra stretch in the Origins shirt is made possible with the addition of spandex

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