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Lure Review



Why Don't You Call My Name? Evergreen and Zmans' Jack Hammer


Date: 8/1/19
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Z Man & Evergreen
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.17 - EDITOR'S CHOICE

Joint ventures are common in the world of business. Companies often team up to combine each other's strengths in the hopes of creating something better than either company could accomplish alone. However, such ventures are uncommon in the fishing world where manufacturers using excuses of cost, effort, difficulty, would just as soon do everything themselves.


Time to take a look at a premium vibrating/bladed jig

So when JDM manufacturer Evergreen International and USDM manufacturer Z Man teamed up to create a special edition of Z Man's popular Chatterbait, it was kind of a big deal. Sure, Z Man's patent on the design gave Evergreen (and other manufacturers) little choice, but still Evergreen could have just as easily decided to find a work around or not make the product at all. Intrigued, we decided to take a look for ourselves at the result of this joint effort, so here's our take on the Evergreen International and Z Man Jack Hammer Chatterbait.


Evergreen/Z Man Chatterbait Jack Hammer Specifications

Type Vibrating Jig
Skirt Material Silicone
Weight 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1 1/4oz
Colors/Patterns 12
Hook Gamakatsu Heavy Wire
Additional Features Low center of gravity head, stainless steel blade, hand tied skirts
MSRP $15.99 - $17.99

Evergreen International and Z Man team up to bring us a Chatterbait designed by Brett Hite and Morizo Shimizu

Impressions: The Jack Hammer Chatterbait has a long pedigree of names behind it. Not only those of the two manufacturers but Elite Series Pros Brett Hite and Morizo Shimizu are said to be primary design minds behind this bladed jig.


When a jig product that comes with a guard for the hook point, the manufacturer is telling you they care about the details


Those red plastic guards can be a pain to remove, but there's no simpler way to ensure a fresh hook point when you open the package


The bait features a Gamakatsu Heavy Wire Hook, a double wire baitkeeper, stainless steel blade and something I personally found reassuring given the bait's price tag compared to the competition - a hand tied skirt. This is such a rare commodity these days, but something I feel is important in any skirted bait product.

Of course the blade is attached directly to the line tie

Real World Tests: For the Jack Hammer's tests, I pulled down from my road rack my Evergreen RCSC-73HG Crankbait & Bladed Jig Jackhammer casting rod matched with a Daiwa Tatula SV TW and spooled with Finatic's Pro Series 6-strand braid in 50lb test. I realize most pros fish these baits on fluorocarbon, but that just doesn't work for me.

Tipped with a Strike King Rage Swimmer and ready for some action

One of the key design features of this bait is supposed to be a lower center of gravity. Since all of the weight in this bait is in the head, the only way to achieve this is by molding the jighead with a more pronounced belly. Taking an up close look at the Jack Hammer, I suppose you could say this is being done.

When the bite is there, it doesn't take long for this bait to find them

Not one, but two bait keeping wire prongs

The one and only key for me is performance of this bait, so I tipped it with my current favorite paddletail swimbait of the month, Strike King's Rage Swimmer, and set out with a few casts. What I found was the bait is pretty true to its name delivering one of the more pronounced chatters in the water I've felt in a bait of this type. Because the vibration of these baits is so tight, the difference is subtle, but discernible when fished side by side or really, one after the other because to be fair you have to use the same setup for each bait to eliminate variables in performance and sensitivity between rod, reel, and line combinations.

I literally never thought I'd see this again in a moving jig product - hand tied skirts!

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