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Lure Review

Envision Lures strives to develop the "Perfect Jig"

Date: 2/11/02
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Envision Lures
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 9

Introduction: Envision Lures produces a new lineup of handcrafted custom made jigs for bass anglers. These new jigs utilize winning elements from Envision's Spinnerbaits, and adds numerous additional features to make this jig appealing for multiple applications.

Envision Jig Specifications

Colors/Patterns 10+ colors available
Head Shape Envision Spinner angled head
Hook Mustad
Rattles 2 Rattles
Skirt 44 strand silicon skirt
Weights Available 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1oz.
Features Anti-rollover jig-head, Mustad "Wide Bite" hook, Weed Guard, Dual Rattle System, 44 strand skirt, chip resistant paint 
MSRP $2.99

About Envision: Envision is a rapidly growing manufacturer that produces handcrafted high quality lures. They specialize in spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and jigs. Located in verbena, Alabama, Envision still offers custom built lures to fulfill orders in just days. All of Envision's products put a new spin on the traditional design of proven lures, through tweaking and the addition of unique features Envision designs lures that increase action.  

When we first received a set of Envision Jigs they first looked like any other high quality jig, but upon closer examination the additional features started to show through. The most noticeable of these features was the double rattler system. The Envision Jig employs two cylinder chambers with ball bearings inside to produce a distinct rattling sound when bounced off structure or crawled back on the ground. In addition those familiar with the Envision Spinnerbaits will notice that these jigs employ the same shape and angle which has proven to resist rollover, keeping the jig righted and away from potential snags.


The Envision jig is designed with all the elements of a fully featured jig

To test the Envision Jig we took it out for two days of intense casting, flipping, and pitching through rough cover. When we started casting the Jig we noticed how easy it was to cast thanks to the weight of the jig head combined with the weight of the rattles. (Envision produces these jigs in various weights up to 1oz.) The weight of the jig drops it into the target zone quickly which makes it perfect for pitching and flipping into heavy structure. Because the head design keeps the jig upright snag ups are few, and the weed guard is stiff enough to ward off all but the thickest underwater hazards. 


The dual rattles add weight, and the element of sound, to make the Envision Jig more attractive to low hanging bass


With sensitive line you can actually feel the vibration from the rattles when dancing the jig or bumping it against structure. When crawling the jig across underwater structure occasional snag-ups did happen, but a quick tug would usually set the jig free. The Mustad hook was strong enough to be pulled from structure and not bend or take any damage.

In our test we also put a couple of trailers on the jig including Uncle Josh Porks and Yamamoto twin tailed grubs. The Envision Jig features a very nice double barb on the jig body that secures trailers on the jig very well.

Throughout all the tests the Envision Jig was able to crawl through even the most obstructed cover thanks in big part to its weighted angled head which kept the hook from flopping over horizontally.


During testing we found the Envision jig perfect for flipping into multiple types of cover including rocks, weeds, and trees


How to fish the Envision Jig: We found the most productive way to fish the Envision Jig was through proper placement and dropping the jig into heavy cover. While it is possible to swim the Envision jig, most of our hookups occurred in heavy weed, or next to submerged trees. Often times fish will hit the Envision jig while falling but we were also able to entice fish to strike the jig by simply bouncing the jig back very slowly while hitting structure and rattling the chambers.


Keeping feel on the Envision jig by keeping the line semi-tight allows you to detect potential snag issues and fish hitting the jig, in either case a tight line allows for a quick response.



Envision Jig Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Good construction, and good choice of high quality materials 9
Performance The choice of the Envision angled head for the jig makes it more able to navigate obstructions 9
Price A decent price for a high quality jig that is inline with the competition, but a great price if you figure in the custom made to order element 8.5
Features Envision proves that a jig isn't just a hook with a skirt, and can be pumped up with additional features 9.5
Design (Ergonomics) Solid design that is proving itself on the tournament trail 9
Application Well made jig that can easily be combined with a variety of trailers thanks to its dual barb, and can be fished deep or through thick structure with practice 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Good materials L Hard to get on the West Coast
J Dual rattling system  
J Good jighead design  
J Custom made for you  

Conclusion: Has Envision made the perfect Jig? Very close. Envision proves that you can take a proven lure like a jig and add additional features and build it with the right materials to make it even more appealing to fish. Unfortunately for West Coast anglers the Envision Jig is not readily available in stores...yet. But, the Envision Jig has even more appeal because of the ability for anglers to customize the lure colors and weights via Envisions website and have your order hand built for you in days. A great product that is worth checking out to add to your pitch and flip arsenal. 

Until next time....Tight Lines!









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