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Tool Review

The EGO S2 Slider nets fish with Innovation


Date: 3/6/11
Tackle type: Net
Manufacturer: Adventure Products
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.75 - EDITOR'S CHOICE!

Adventure Products introduced the EGO S2 Slider at last year’s ICAST. This innovative net features an advanced handle design that is designed be deployed with a simple pull or push of the handle. Featuring a range of options this modular net can be configured with varying hoops, mesh material and other practical fishing tools.  


EGO S2 Slider Net (medium) Specifications

Handle material Aluminum + Plastic
Handle length 29" extends to 60"
Hoop size 17" x 19"
Net material Rubber or Nylon Mesh
Weight 2lbs 5oz. (Rubber)
Additional features Innovative extending design, EVA grip, anodized handle and hoop, floats
MSRP $74.99


The Adventure Products EGO S2 Slider looks like a pretty slick net, but it is the features that really set this net apart not the styling


Impressions: It has been six years since I last reviewed an offering from Adventure Products, the manufacturer of EGO nets. Back then I reviewed the predecessor to the S2 Slider, it featured similar styling but was more of a conventional net with the ability to float. At the time I found the net to function very well and my only issue with the net was that the hoop was not removable and the handle was not collapsible, and because of this the net was somewhat hard to store in rod lockers.


Like previous EGO nets the S2 Slider features a large functional plastic grip in place of a metal yoke this eliminates damage from abrasion to mono lines


Fast forward to ICAST 2010 when I met up with the Owner of Adventure Products, Grant Corbett, who showed me his latest net… the S2 Slider. This net featured all of what I was asking for and more. The S2 Slider features an extending handle and the ability to remove the net hoop and change it out with other components. So impressed were the media and buying attendees at the event that it was voted the best product of the show in the accessory category.


The sliding handle is positioned above the grip


The S2 Slider is available in a number of different configurations with different handle lengths and net styles ranging from nylon and PVC to black and clear rubber. All versions of the S2 Slider are designed to float and feature a scoop hoop design that aids in the fish landing process. After examining the construction of the net in the lab it was time to see just how much the S2 Slider was an improvement over the original version.


Press the trigger and push...


Real World Test: To test the S2 Slider I head to some of my favorite local lakes and targeted largemouth bass. This test simply included fishing normally and employing the net when necessary but we also simulated a number of applications including what would happen if the net were to go overboard. Let the “sliding” begin!


...and the handle extends above and below the sliding handle


Operation: Before the S2 Slider is deployed it already looks like a pretty fancy net. The entire length of the handle is covered with a comfortable EVA foam grip. This gives anglers a positive gripping surface even when the net is wet. At the end of the net is a loop in which to attach and secure the net, this is especially good for Kayak anglers or fishermen that are wading in the river.


The net can lock in a number of different positions


So just how does the S2 Slider work? To extend the handle all anglers need to do is press down on the trigger on the slider handle. This releases the handle and the net will extend above and below the grip making the deployment extremely quick. This is not an all or nothing extension and anglers have a number of different locations to lock the handle in place. I found the entire system to be both easy to use and extremely intuitive. There is absolutely no learning curve with this product.


Our test net featured the clear rubber mesh


The signature EGO grip right below the hoop aids in net control when the S2 Slider is not fully extended but unlike other EGO nets most anglers will be holding on to the slider handle as it is positioned in the right place once the net is extended. The EGO grip on the front of the net does serve another purpose however, and the plastic housing eliminates the metal yoke found on so many other nets. The metal yoke on many competing nets have sharp edges that can nick or fray line when in just the right, or wrong, angle.


The mesh may look compact but extends up to 1.5X under load


Interestingly we found it was possible to actually extend the net halfway with one hand. Simply tuck the handle underneath your arm and press it against the side of your body and use the slider handle to extend outwards. This is surprisingly easy and it was possible to extend the handle myself when preparing to land fish.


Fully deployed the medium sized S2 Slider extends from 29" to 60"

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