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Rod Review

CB Rod Wars Part #7 : Our First Detailed Look at Dobyns Rods Gen 2 Product (continued)

Casting: Paired with either our 2005 Super Cast Shootout winner Shimano Conquest 101DC or the new Chronarch D, the 704CB loads and fires with ease. The normal adjustment with a soft tipped glass rod needs to be made when casting with this stick, but thanks to its fast taper (instead of mod-fast), this adjustment is not a difficult one to make with this stick. Other than that, there are no unexpected surprises and the rod handles baits within its rated range perfectly. 

...As well as a very good stick to fish soft plastics!

Retrieve: The 704CB does not disappoint during the retrieve either lending its owner the ability to pull baits through the water without the occasional battle with the bait as it gets closer to the boat. This is the case with shallow and medium depth baits. We did try this rod with a DD22 as well, and while you can fish that bait on this rod, it really would not be our first choice. The 705CBMF Glass is better suited for that duty as is the 804CB and of course, the 805CB RM.

But the real testing took place on our home waters of Clear Lake, CA.

Of course, what do I catch on this stick? A yellow cat and snagged at that!

Power: The 704CB Glass is true to other glass sticks we've fished as well in that its RoD curve is deceiving. Glass rods have typically performed out on the water about a step above how they chart out on our RoD Wrack as compared to a similarly rated or charted graphite stick. So while we've classified the 704CB Glass with our shallow crankers, it's really a much more versatile and powerful stick than that.

Along with the new source factory comes a new logo for Dobyns Rods.

Sensitivity: Here’s where the line between glass and graphite begins to blur. The 704CB is a very sensitive stick – especially for glass. So much so, that if we weren’t told this rod was indeed built on a glass blank, we’d assume it was graphite. Our best guess? It’s probably, really a very good glass/graphite blend because even the diameter of the rod’s blank does not give it away as being anything else different. Realistically, most blanks are blend of materials anyway, but whatever the recipe is for this blank, the manufacturers have really cooked up something special.

All the Dobyns Rods Cranking Rods we've fished come with a no-foregrip design...

Why such over-the-top enthusiasm for this stick? Well, if you paid close attention to our late March article presenting our Crankbait Rod Wars participants and their relative stats, you’d have noticed, under the Shallow Cranking Sticks category, we listed the 704CB Glass right with the standard 704CB. You’d have also noticed that the weight of the 704CB Glass was .2 ounces LESS than the graphite version. We took this measurement four or five times because we couldn’t believe it.

...and a full rear grip of high grade cork.

What’s more, the balance of these two sticks is identical, yet the tip of the 704CB Glass feels lighter than the 704CB. Side by side, hand in hand, glass versus graphite by the same manufacturer and the 704CB Glass feels better in hand than the graphite 704CB! That’s unheard of!

Dobyns Rods leverages components from Korean component manufacturer Kigan. On the Champion series rods are stainless steel framed SiC insert guides.

New features and the complete rundown









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