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Lure Review

Looks Can Be Deceiving: the Deps Realiser

Date: 8/17/08
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Deps
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.33


Introduction: As more and more "big" baits hit the market, the lines continue to blur between what was once considered a standard bass plug to what is now being referred to as a swimbait. For those not caught up in semantics, what matters most is not whether or not a particular bait should be considered a "swimbait" or not, but rather, how does the bait perform? Throw in some qualifications of how fun or easy a particular bait is to throw and you pretty much sum up our experience with today's product in question. Introducing the Deps Realiser!

Deps Realiser Specifications

Type BigBait
Depth 0 - 6 feet
Class Floater
Size (Weight) 4 1/2" (1.5 ounces)
Colors/Patterns Four Colors: Silver Shad, Real Bass, Blue Back Shad, Real Blue Gill
MSRP $32.99

Impressions: What first struck me when I finally held a Deps Realiser in my hand was this thing is just an oversized crankbait. The photo-realistic finishes on the bait while interesting, are a bit subdued and not very polished or refined - not something I expect from a company based out of Japan. Needless to say, on first impressions, I was less than enthused about this bait.


Introducing the Deps Realiser


The Field Tests: Of course, here at TackleTour, we never let something like an uninspiring first impression get in our way of fishing a new product and trying to figure out what it's all about.


Complete test rigs for Deps Realiser Field Tests

Rod Dobyns Rods 805CB
Reel Shimano Calcutta 101DC
Line 20lb Sunline Shooter Fluorocarbon

For this task at hand, I selected a Dobyns Rods 805CB paired with a Shimano Calcutta 101DC spooled with 20lb Sunline Shooter FC. Basically, a big, oversized cranking outfit for a big, oversized, shallow crankbait!

The Realiser is a four and a half inch bait...


featuring a photo-realistic finish.

Casting: As one might expect from its one-piece, teardrop shaped body, the Deps Realiser is a breeze to cast - especially on an eight foot cranking stick! I nearly spooled my 101DC several times casting this bait on my testing setup, but I was having so much fun flinging this bait, I couldn't bear to adjust anything. Certainly a 201DC would have provided more line capacity insurance, but what the heck.

Ready for action


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