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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Daiwa Unveils the Exciting T3 Baitcaster


Date: 7/11/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Zander



Introduction: As we gear up for ICAST 2011, just two days away, we check out some of the manufacturers new offerings for the coming season. Near the top of the list of highly anticipated new baitcasters has to be the Daiwa T3 series reels which make use of a brand new levelwind mechanism called the T-Wing System. This reel is quite unlike any other Daiwa reel yet and is designed to deliver enhanced casting and backlash control.


Check out Daiwa's new T3 Baitcaster in Action


When Bill Liston, the head of marketing at Daiwa USA, first told me about the T3 I couldn't quite visualize exactly what he was describing, but it was clear that the company was working on something quite unique. Now that we have seen the actual implementation we are only more excited, and in advance of the show we got to preview Daiwa's launch video, which we are able to share with you today.



The T3 baitcaster features an ultra sleek design that is made possible with the new T-Wing System


The heart of the T-Wing system it a t-shaped levelwind aperture which is designed to reduce casting friction, yet provide anglers with precise, level winding of line upon retrieve. Daiwa studied ordinary levelwinds and observed the line coming off the spool ends being forced to bend at a sharp angles when peeled off the edges of the spool when passing through traditional narrow levelwind apertures during casting. The result is casting friction.


The reel features a t-shaped levelwind aperture designed to reduce casting friction


When casting with Daiwa’s new system, line flows freely through the wide, upper portion of the “T” with minimal friction. Tests against some of Daiwa’s own top casting reels showed a distance increase exceeding 5 percent, which is significant for those anglers looking to increase water coverage throughout the day. Lure drop rate after splashdown was also improved by up to 12%.


The front of the T3 opens up during casting and flips down during retrieves

Upon retrieve, the front of the reel flips downward and line is channeled through the narrow, lower part of the “T” for precise distribution onto the spool.

While the aperture reduces friction during casting it provides level winding during retrieve


Keeping that extra casting freedom under control is a new, magnetic anti-backlash mechanism called Magforce 3D.  Like Daiwa’s current Magforce V system, it automatically applies smooth magnetic braking that adjusts itself as the spool speeds up or slows down.  The 3D system adds to that even finer control with a simple three-position switch with settings:


- All Around: A general setting for a wide range of normal applications


- Max: This setting provides rapid braking for tossing lures into the wind


- Long Cast: This setting delivers minimum braking for longer casts


This "3D System" offers a wide range of settings within these 3 master settings to meet the needs of unique angling applications.



A close up of the reel in "retrieve" position


As anglers might expect the T3 baitcaster will be a premium positioned reel with a price point of $429.95 each. What is just as exciting as the premium version is that Daiwa is also introducing two series of reels, and the T3 Ballistic features the same basic design just with a reduced spec and a much more aggressive price point of $249.95. The T3 is loaded with 8BB + 1 RB (and 4 of those ball bearings are CRBB "corrosion resistant ball bearings") while the T3 Ballistic has a 5BB + 1RB configurations. Both versions will be available in both 6.3:1 and 7.1:1 and left and right and retrieve. The T3 weighs in at a very light 6.5oz. while the T3 Ballistic is slightly heavier at 7.8oz., but both versions have the same drag system which is designed to deliver 13.2lbs. of pressure.

Daiwa introduces the T3 Ballistic version with the same basic design and a price of $249.95


Conclusion: Is the world ready for a reel as radically different as the T3 baitcasters? We are going to find out in just a few days but suffice to say that this might just be the most exciting new low profile baitcaster the bassing world has seen in years. It is also admirable that Daiwa is introducing the "Ballistic" version which is priced within reach of many more anglers. Both versions will start arriving at dealers starting in August.  









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