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Reel Preview

Daiwa's 2008 reel lineup brings forth the Megaforce and a new supertuned Advantage


Date: 6/17/07
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Team TackleTour





Introduction: Daiwa follows up on a banner product year with a number of exciting new additions to their lineup, including the return of the Twitchin' Bar in a high speed reel, the Megaforce. Preview a number of exciting new offerings that will be officially launched at the upcoming ICAST show next month. Prices of all these products will be released at the show.


Steez: First up is the introduction of the a new high capacity Steez, the 100HA. While the reel looks pretty much the same as the original Steez the reel features a greater line capacity with heavier tests for power fishing applications. The reel weighs in at only 5.6oz and can accommodate 120 yards of 14lb test or 100 yards of 16lb test. The new Steez will be available in both right and left hand retrieves.   

The new Daiwa Megaforce blends the finesse of the Twitchin Bar with a high speed 7.:1 retrieve ratio


Daiwa Megaforce

Model Bearing Count Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Line Cap
MF100TSH 5BB+1RB 7.1:1 9.4 12/150


Megaforce: When the Viento was released to market two seasons ago it found a great many homes, and has proven to be a popular innovation. This season Daiwa introduces their second reel armed with the Twitchin bar, the Megaforce. The Megaforce features a unique combination, the reel is designed for speed and packs in a 7.1:1 retrieve ratio, but can impart a subtle action on plastics and jigs with the Twitchin Bar. It is capable of picking up seven inches of line with each push of the Twitchin Bar and six point drive train. The Megaforce weighs 9.4oz and makes use of a lightweight drilled aluminum spool. To top it all off Daiwa says the Megaforce will be available in both right and left hand retrieves and will be priced very affordably.   

The Team Daiwa Tierra offers a quality balance of features in yet another TD-A variant design


Team Daiwa Tierra  Baitcaster

Model Bearing Count Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Line Cap
TDTR153H 6BB+1RB 6.3:1 8.6 12/140


Tierra: Not long ago we took a close look at the Tierra spinning reel, and we knew it wasn't long before a Daiwa baitcaster would make its way to retail store shelves. Sure enough the new Tierra baitcaster, yet another TD-A variant, will be introduced. The Tierra is designed to offer smooth, solid, and reliable performance and a reasonable price. The Tierra will be smoother than the TD-A and features six ball bearings plus one roller bearing, a free floating drilled aluminum spool, a seven disc wet drag system capable of delivering 8.8lbs of counterpressure. The reel features Magforce-Z cast control, and features a 6.3:1 gear ratio.      


The HSTA ushers in even more refinement to the series, the red highlights remind us of the import TD-Z Type R+


Team Daiwa Advantage HSTA

Model Bearing Count Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Line Cap
TDA153HSTA 10BB+1RB 6.3:1 8.5 12/140


Team Daiwa Advantage HSTA: Perhaps most exciting of all is the new advanced Super Tuned version of the Team Daiwa Advantage. The original TD-A has spawned so many variants, and has become a serious contender to the Shimano Curado. The new Super Tuned reel ups the refinement with a rigid one piece aluminum frame and sideplate, ten high performance stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing, a lightweight drilled aluminum spool that is anodized bright red similar to exotic import models. The reel features the Swept handle found on the Zillion, a super seven disc wet drag, Magforce-Z, and a machined  aluminum cast control cap. The reel will be available in both right and left hand retrieves, and should be an attractive reel for TD-A fans looking for the ultimate in smooth refinement. 

The Exceler is designed to deliver performance at a price any angler can afford


Daiwa Exceler baitcaster

Model Bearing Count Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Line Cap
EXC100H 8BB+1RB 6.3:1 8.8 12/150


Exceler: This year Daiwa answers the call to mainstream anglers with a reel that is designed to offer a lot of performance for not a whole lot of money. The Exceler is described as "going far beyond the call of duty at a price that the average angler can afford, in fact there is nothing "average" about them." The reel makes use of a one-piece aluminum frame, Magforce-Z magnetic anti-backlash, eight ball bearings and one roller bearing, and a 6.3:1 gear ratio. The Exceler makes use of a similar profile to the Zillion, and also features the same swept handle and star drag design. As with all the other new baitcasters the Exceler will be available in both left and right hand retrieves. Those looking for an even more affordable offering can also expect a reel called the Strikeforce to be introduced which features the same profile but a traditional handle, and only four bearings and one roller bearing. 


The Team Daiwa Advantage-A spinning reel will be available in a complete range of sizes


Team Daiwa Advantage-A

Model Bearing Count Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Line Cap
TDA2500A 2CRBB+6BB+1RB 4.7:1
(4.9:1 for 3500 and 4000)
10.2 8/170


Team Daiwa Advantage-A: Daiwa has a number of new spinning reels this season but we are most interested in the new Team Daiwa Advantage-A. This reel features the same profile as the SOL and features six ball bearings, two CRBB bearings, and one roller bearing for a total of 9 bearings. The reel will be available in a complete range of sizes from ultralight 1500A to massive 4000A for saltwater. Designed for both freshwater and saltwater use this reel features the Long Cast X-Treme ABS system, and the same washable design with sealed waterproof drag found on the Sol. For enhanced durability Daiwa implements their lifetime bail spring, a titanium nitrided ball bearing line roller, and a complete die-cast aluminum alloy body and cover. Daiwa says that the Advantage-A will be extremely smooth, and makes use of Digigear digital gear design for speed, power and durability. We love the clean design and red highlights on the ABS machined aluminum spool. Each reel comes with a duplicate spare spool as well. For those looking for a more mainstream offering Daiwa also will be introducing standard Daiwa spinning reels in the Regal, Crossfire, and Sweepfire series.  


Conclusion: This year Daiwa expands on their top end Steez reel lineup and spends a lot of time filling out the gaps in their mid-range lineup with quality offerings like the Supertuned TD-A and Tierra baitcasters. Anglers looking for the best of both worlds should find the Megaforce a appealing offering. In addition to these new reels Daiwa has been busy on the rod front as well, and prepares to introduce two new Steez rods, new additions to their Light and Tough lineup, and a wide selection of affordably priced IM-7 split grip rods under the Procyon series. To match up with the new mainstream Exceler baitcaster Daiwa will also be introducing Exceler series rods which make use of IM-6 graphite and Fuji aluminum oxide guides. Finally if you are a smallmouth angler the company is also planning to unveil new VIP Smallmouth rods with sensitive bias construction HVF graphite and Fuji Alconite new concept guides. For all the details on these upcoming rod offerings stay tuned for our coverage from ICAST Las Vegas next month.  









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