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Lure Review

Cotee turns jig heads with the swirling Crankin' JigLip

Date: 9/14/03
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Cotee Bait Co.
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 7.8

Introduction: Today jig heads come in all shapes and sizes and are just as much used for swimbaits as they are for traditional jigs. Cotee introduces a patented design that's uniquely molded to produce a inimitable action to entice fish to strike. The Crankin' JigLip head can be rigged with any type of plastic and produces an attention-grabbing spiral diving action.


Cotee Crankin' JigLip Minnow Specifications

Material Non-Lead jig head (Cotee Alloy 82), plastic body
Colors 6 available
Weight (jig head) 1/4 oz
Length (body only) 4 inches
Package 1 jig head and 3 bodies
MSRP $2.90

Impressions: The jig head is molded out of a non-lead alloy in a fashion that resembles a lip on a basic crankbait. This jig head can be attached to various soft bodies or even spider jigs and swimming grubs. The jig head also has an indentation that allows Cotee to affix a red eye for more realism.


The Crankin' JigLip Minnow is an unique jig head design that bears a crankbait-like lip


The minnow body that comes with the jighead is composed of soft plastic and mimics a real bait fish with a realistically proportioned body, fins, and tail. A silver body with a black back, the Cotee minnow is attractive in appearance but lacks flexible appendages and cannot produce any tail whipping action.


Complete Rig for Crankin' JigLip Tests

Rod St. Croix Legend Elite
Reel Quantum Energy PTi (E20PTi)
Line 8 lb. Trilene XL

Real World Tests: The JigLip's ability to affix to many different types of plastics permit the use of the Crankin' JigLip for fishing a number of species, but the main target of our tests aimed towards largemouth bass.


The JigLip easily rigs onto the minnow and can be tossed just about anywhere bass is holding


Casting: Tossing a 1/4 ounce jig head plus the weight of the plastic on spinning gear was straightforward. The JigLip Minnow casts effortlessly and can be placed accurately on specific targets.  With this size and design the lure can be flipped, pitched, and can be thrown in just about anyway you can think of. But cast distance does depends on what you're casting.  In my case I tested the JigLip with the Minnows that were included in the package. The ability to attach other plastics and even live bait onto the JigLip gave me the chance to try the JigLip design rather than the minnow combo.  When rigged with a small swimbait, swimming grub, plastic worm, and even a night crawler, the jig head still delivered pleasant results in the casting category.


Retrieve and Technique: "Crank-it, Jig-it, Jerk-it" is what Cotee advertises the JigLip Minnow can be used for and that's exactly what we tried. First crank-it.  Simply toss the JigLip and begin to retrieve. One might expect some of the wobble action of a crankbait, but that's simply not the case with this lure. The side to side movement is minimal and the minnow doesn't swim with a tail kicking motion.



This jig head delivers multiple actions when applying different techniques


The next two methods to work the lure is what I recommend. Jigging the Cotee Crankin' JigLip Minnow is an effective way to catch fish. While the lip of the jig head didn't provide a crankbait like wobble, it does churn out a spiraling action when properly jigged. After being tossed or flipped around structure the JigLip corkscrews its way down and at any minute be prepared to set the hook as bass view the spiraling bait as an injured baitfish.


When ripped the Cotee Crankin' JigLip Minnow darts erratically side to side enticing reaction bites from largemouth bass. This technique can also be blended with the falling spiral action. Rip it a few times, then allow the JigLip to free fall. The majority of our strikes of the time during the transition from being jerked to the diving motion will bring the strikes.


Corkscrewing into the middle of downed trees tempted this largemouth bass to strike


Durability: As we have seen in the past, jig heads do take damage especially when fished around structure or jigged at the bottom. The good thing is that most jig heads are made out of a durable metal like lead or other metals that will dent but will still be affective many times after. The same is true with the Cotee JigLip design. The jig head did take a few bumps and bruises after being fished but there was no damage to the eyes as they are embedded into the head. While the damage to the jig head didn't affect performance greatly, it did interfere with jigging. Although the spiral motion can be executed after damage, the movement wasn't as smooth as before. The shift in action can sometimes trigger fish to bite or the lure would run awkwardly and not attract any interest at all.  The durability of the plastic minnow is average and can pick up many bass before it needs replacing.

Cotee Crankin' JigLip Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Uses decent materials and an average durability that will go through many largemouth bass 8
Performance A versatile jig head that does well when jigged and ripped but lack attractiveness and action when being retrieved 7.8
Price Priced just a small amount over competition, but you're getting a product that no one else offers 7.5
Features A jig head with an added lip, red eyes, and the ability to be rigged with almost any type of plastics and even live bait 8
Design (Ergonomics) A design that provides different actions but we wish it would wobble like a crankbait too 7.5
Application Tested for bass fishing but can be used to multiple species due to the jig head's ability to take on any type of plastic 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Unique jig head design L Doesn't wobble like a crankbait
J Rigged with any plastics L Lip can be deformed affecting performance
J Diving corkscrew action  

Conclusion: Bass fishing using jig heads is probably one of the most versatile techniques available to anglers. You can flip, pitch, swim, and even finesse the JigLip at the bottom of lakes. With so many different types of jigheads available today, few are as unique as the Cotee Crankin' JigLip. The JigLip can be rigged with many type of plastics and performs the best when being ripped or jigged. Swim it with a grub, dart it side to side with a minnow or jerkbait, or allow the JigLip to take the plastic on a roller coaster corkscrew ride down through your targeted strike zone. If jig heads are your game, then include this innovative jig head design into your arsenal of unique lethal bassin' tools.









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