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Optics Review


A Worthy Tribute : Costaís Versatile Ferg Series


Date: 12/2/22
Tackle type: Sunglasses
Manufacturer: Costa
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.33 - GREAT

The Costa Ferg frames pay tribute to the companyís founder, Ray Ferguson, and includes some of the brandís newest sport-oriented elements including high quality 580G glass lenses and vented adjustable nose pads, but also features styling that doesnít look out of place off the water.  


Costa Ferg w/ Green Mirror 580G Lens Specifications

Frame Style Ferg
Frame Material Bio Resin
Frame Size Large
Frame Fit Regular
Available Lens Options 4+
Frame Color Tested Matte Tortoise
Lens Color Tested Green Mirror 580 (glass)
Case Rigid Case (also includes microfiber polishing cloth)
MSRP $294 ($233.99 for Costa Ferg XL at Tackle Warehouse)

One piece of kit that always comes with me when I hit the water is a quality pair of sunglasses. This season I've been putting Costa's Ferg to the test

Impressions: In the world of fishing sunglasses there is perhaps no bigger brand than Costa, and especially when it comes to polarized optics for Bass Anglers. Many pro anglers wear Costa sunglasses, and they are also a big sponsor of Major League Fishing (MLF). There is a broad offering in the Costa portfolio from beach lifestyle to sport performance, and the Ferg Series blends features and design from both categories into a customizable frame.

The Ferg pays tribute to Costa's founder, Ray Ferguson

The Ferg is both recognizable in name and styling, and has the distinction of being named after Ray Ferguson, the founder of Costa. Though the Ferg has somewhat of a rounded beach-like styling it comes with performance-oriented elements including side and top shields to block out light, vented adjustable nose pads, Hydrolite rubber grips, and an assortment of 100% UV protection polarized lens options, including the proven 580G glass.    

The Ferg is constructed out of Bio Resin and comes in a variety of frame styles. I tried the matte tortoise with green mirror glass lenses (580G)

Real World Tests: I rarely leave the house without a pair of sunglasses on, and the only time I make c cast without sunglasses is when night fishing. Quality optics are a key part of the game, and improves the effectiveness of anglers, enabling us to better perceive structure and sight fish, as well as keep our eyes protected from the elements, wayward casts, or unexpected projectiles like uncontrolled tungsten weights.

Costa's 580G lenses are excellent and are thinner and lighter than average polarized glass

I have fished with the Ferg over the last six months, targeting both largemouth bass and stripers in the California Delta and surrounding lakes in the region. I compared the Ferg with sunglasses from other brands, and especially with other Costa frames that are part of my regular kit. The Ferg that I fished featured a Matte Tortoise frame with green mirror polarized glass lenses.

I found the Ferg did a great job isolating out light

Operation and Ergonomics: When the Ferg was first introduced there was only one frame size and it was already considered large with a frame width of 135mm, bridge width of 16mm, and lens width of 58mm. Due to the popularity of the frames Costa introduced a Ferg XL last season which is one of the largest sunglasses that the company currently offers.

This sport oriented frame features mid sized side and top shields

In comparison the Ferg XL is designed as a true XXL fit with larger lenses for those that prefer greater coverage of their eyes and face for performance and/or personal styling preferences. The XL is roughly 5% larger in every dimension than the standard and features a frame width of 142mm, bridge width of 16mm, and lens width of 61mm. Those with larger heads will find that this larger lens may be more comfortable and offer better coverage to help further reduce light leakage. 

The Ferg stays firmly plated thanks to hydrolite rubber and adjustable nosepads

I typically find larger and wider frames are more comfortable and a better fit, but the standard Ferg was already wide enough to feel comfortable. If the width feels natural and there isnít uncomfortable pressure on the temple arms the frames are likely wide enough, and the other main area for adjustment to help keep the glasses in place are the bridge pads. The Fergís adjustable nose pads feature an internal memory wire that allows you to pinch the nose pads to customize the fit. This allows anglers to find the most comfortable position but also ensures that the glasses are fitted properly for protection and reduction of fogging. I found the nosepads to be very comfortable and non-slip so that even when casting or fighting fish the Ferg always stayed firmly planted.

The Green Mirror lenses are surprisingly versatile but excel in brighter conditions

The Ferg comes in a wide range of configurations with various frame colors (5 to be exact) and both 580 glass or polycarbonate lenses in a wide range of lens colors. Though the polycarbonate (580P) lenses are light and slightly cheaper I would recommend going with 580 glass (580G) lenses. The 580G lenses are what Costa is famous for and I find them optically much clearer and far more scratch resistant. The only time that I would recommend the polycarbonate lenses is if impact resistance is your highest priority. 

A look at the adjustable and vented nosepads

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