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Optics Review


Built for Life and Wherever It Takes You: The Costa Aransas (continued)

While the newer bio-acetate frames feel equally solid compared to the original plastic material, it is worth noting that the Bio-Acetate-based Aransas frames are slightly heavier when we weighed them (1.68oz. vs 1.71oz.). The Aransas is already one of Costa's heavier frames due to its lifestyle focused design and metal sub-structure, and the difference in weight between the two was undistinguishable when worn.

Rigging tackle up at the beach

This weight difference becomes more apparent when compared to performance-oriented frames, and these lighter frames are more suitable for situations requiring quicker motions or high impact activities like hiking or bank fishing.

The Aransas feels very solid but is on the heavier side compared with other Costa performance frames. This was never an issue for me unless it was very hot and perspiration affected the glasses sliding downwards

To assess any potential differences in flex or durability between the two materials, I consulted the Costa design team. They explained, “There is no difference in the durability that we have seen. During material qualification this material must pass a large array of tests (like QUV, Environmental testing, Elastic Modulus, color retention, etc.), which it all passed. We were very pleased with the outcome and the ability to make a switch to a more sustainable material without impact to the final product and/or the consumer experience.”

The Aransas is well suited for a wide range of outdoor pursuits

I found the Copper Polarized Glass 580G lenses excellent for shifting light conditions whether I was shooting a bow or casting a rod

I definitely did not baby the Aransas frames and they literally hit the boat deck, NYC pavement, and the rail platform in Tokyo. Each time I cringed as I picked up the frames, expecting some frame or lens damage but was surprised by how well the frames endured the occasional bump or drop. Anglers and world travelers are tough on gear and the Aransas is built robust enough to handle the unexpected. The hinges on the Aransas are very well designed and extend beyond perpendicular, which aids in both durability and comfort.

Whether I was on a lake in Upstate New York or on top of Manhattan the Costa Aransas always fit the vibe. Versatility is one of the best characteristics of the Aransas

After wearing both versions of the Aransas frames for an extended period, they appeared to age similarly and exhibited comparable durability. Like most frames, I observed some slight widening and loosening of the frames and hinges over time.

The Aransas is pretty forgiving due to the extending hinge design and is a good option for those that like a wide fit

As they conform to your head shape, they become even more comfortable but may require occasional readjustment if they become too loose. Unlike sport frames with adjustable rubber nose pads, the Aransas frames feature nose pads molded from the same bio-acetate material, which holds up well but may slip down with perspiration and increased activity.

If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses just for bass fishing there are more technical options in the Costa lineup, but the Aransas is still a good option when conditions are not harsh

Performance-wise, the Aransas frames strike a balance between functionality and style. They offer comfort and solidity, even though they are heavier than some frames. The open frame design complements both on and off the water activities, effectively reducing glare and ensuring protection and comfort, particularly during sight fishing.

Striper fishing with the Aransas, check.

One unexpected benefit of the open design is the minimal fogging, but on the flipside, this also allows more light in which can be a drawback in extremely bright conditions. Enclosed wrap designs also will perform better at preventing eye dryness during long boat rides on cool and windy days.

Though the Aransas rarely fogs up one area where it falls behind other Costa performance frames is wind protection without the larger side shields. This was noticeable on long morning boat runs

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