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Lure Review

Concealed weapons courtesy of the CL8 Bait 9” Swimbait

Date: 6/7/09
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: CL8 Bait
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.0 - INNOVATION AWARD!


Introduction: Let’s face it there are a lot of swimbaits out there now. What was once considered a big bassing secret has now become mainstream among everyday anglers, and fishermen are able to select from a huge arsenal of bait choices from the crowded market. Rather than make just another “me-too” bait Clayton Bryant decided to draw on his personal passion for swimbait fishing and big bait design to create something different. Armed with an array of hidden hooks the CL8 Bait is looking to make a mark in the premium big bait market.

CL8 Bait Swimbait Specifications

Type BigBait
Depth Multiple versions (Floating, SS, FS)
Weight Variable depending on action (4.4-5.2oz.)
Size 9"
Colors/Patterns Light Trout, Dark Trout, Baby Bass, Hitch, Chartreuse Shad
MSRP $79.99

The CL8 Bait is one of the newest weapons in the swimbait anglers lineup 

Impressions: The CL8 bait is the brainchild of Clayton Bryant who is now 24 years old and grew up bass fishing, he was always intrigued with the design of fishing lures, and when he first laid eyes on a swimbait eight years ago he knew that he would be spending some time engineering his own version.  

The CL8 Bait attaches to a clasp in the bait's open mouth design

To call Clayton a “tinkerer” would be an understatement, as he has always spent his waking hours in the garage ever since he could remember. Whether it was building airplanes, putting chainsaw engines on scooters, restoring his 1969 Chevy suburban from the ground up, or just plain taking apart anything that he could, he was always working in the garage with his hands. Thus building fishing lures was a perfect fit as it brought his love of tinkering in the garage and catching big fish together.

This 9" lure is a big bait in every sense and best fished with a true swimbait rod

Clayton has now been making swim baits for 6 years, and started making them out of wood but found that it was both time consuming and the material had its limitations. After spending countless hours researching plastics that would be suitable for a quality swimbait he found what that a slightly flexible material would substantially increase durability. By using plastics Clayton found he could let his imagination run wild in terms of design, and he sought to create a one of a kind swimbait. His requirements included stealthy hooking mechanisms to fit into the profile of the bait to help create a more lifelike appearance. Thus the Cl8 Bait as we see today was born.

Joints are double reinforced and have a wide range of motion

The CL8 design features counter sunk the hooks into the body via a channel that the shank of the hook rests in, only exposing what is necessary to catch fish. Clayton then placed the fins in such a way to further disguise the hooks, but making sure to still make them effective, as a final touch he also paints the hooks to make it that much more realistic.

A close look at the Dark Trout pattern

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