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Rod Review

Competitive Edge Fishing reaction bait rod with... Robert's wrap!

Date: 2/3/02
Tackle type: Rod
Manufacturer: Competitive Edge
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.75

Introduction: Competitive Edge Fishing has been producing quality lures for many years.  When the VPR Pro fishing rods were introduced and made it's way into the market competing with the big guns, no one knew how these well these would be accepted.  Now these rods have been fine tuned and built for specific functions, and we will take a close look and see if the Reaction Bait rod is up to par.


Competitive Edge Reaction Bait Rod (RR6S7) Specifications

Material Fiberglass
Length 7'
Weight 5.6oz.
Guide Style Wraparound (Robert's Wrap)
Style Casting
Color Black
Action Medium Fast
Recommended Line 10-30lb.
Lure Handling wt. Range 1/4-1oz.
MSRP $99.99

Impressions: The first eye catcher when you look at the R-series Reaction Bait rod is the split cork handle because it's highly visible.  But with another glance you will see something that's more amazing.  So what's so special about Competitive Edge's R-series rods?  Is it the blank? The weight? The length? No, it's the guide placement!  All casting rods by CE Fishing come in two series: the G-series that has the conventional guide placement for the people who like the more traditional style and the R-series with the "wraparound" guides, also known as "Robert's Wrap."


The split cork handle design increases sensitivity


The Reaction Bait rod uses 10 high quality Fuji guides.  The first 3 guides from the butt are offset while the remaining ones are aligned like spinning rod guides; unlike the other baitcast rods where the guides are all "on-top" of the rod.  The first guide from the butt is a double-foot while the remaining are single-foot.

Complete Rig for RR6S7

Rod Competitive Edge RR6S7
Reel Shimano Chronarch 100A
Line 10lb. Stren Easy Cast


The RR6S7 looked really thick and heavy, but it only weighs 5.6oz. which is average for a fiberglass rod with those specifications.  This fishing rod sure does look good for throwing reaction baits and for muscling big bass, stripers, and other large fish!


What is Robert's Wrap: A Robert's Wrap has nothing to do with thread wrapping.  It has to do with the position of the guides on the blank.  The first guide from the butt is placed on top of the blank with the second and third guides rotating towards the bottom.  The remainder of the guides are installed on the bottom of the rod blank.  This style of guide placement is not a new invention, and has been around for approximately 75 years.  Until recently the Robert's Wrap has been used mainly for ocean fishing because this design helps reduce the torque on the rod and reel when battling big fish in the big ocean.  Some other benefits from this design are rod stability, reduced line friction, line never comes in contact with the blank, and a increase in sensitivity.

The wraparound guides... also known as Robert's Wrap

Real World Tests: Usually one of the first tests we perform on the rods is the telegraph test. (This procedure was explained earlier in another article)  This allows us to feel how sensitive the rod is even when the slightest vibrations are transmitted.  In this test the RR6S7 was good.  The VPR Pro Reaction Bait rod was optimized to be sensitive.  One way Competitive Edge Fishing improved the sensation in the Reaction Bait rod is to use a lighter tip and more guides, especially with the wraparound guide style.  Since the fishing line is always in contact with the guides the little bumps and hits are felt throughout the fishing rod because all the guides are transmitting the vibration and not just at the tip.  Another way to increase the sensation in this rod was to use a cork handle but with less cork.  Everyone knows that cork is sensitive to vibration transmission, but what if there's less cork?  I think we know the answer.  The Reaction Bait rod utilizes a split cork handle design, and no cork is used at the foregrip.  By not having cork there more vibrations are transmitted to the angler's hand.  Also the trigger on the reel seat has a cutout exposing the blank to further increase the sensitivity to the angler.  

To further test the sensitivity of the rod I tossed and slowly rolled a spinnerbait.  Hitting every kind of structure near the bottom and each time I was able to feel it.  Being able to feel the difference between a fish hitting the lure or just running into structure is important and can lead you to landing more fish on your trips.  

Aside from using spinnerbaits with the Reaction Bait rod I also threw crankbaits and a Nemire Spoon Buzzer bait.  The RR6S7 rod handles these lures with ease in both deep and shallow waters.

The VPR Pro reaction bait rod handles big fish with ease, and notice the line is in constant contact with the guides

When battling large fish this rod is tough!  It has a strong backbone, but that's not the only thing that adds to the performance.  The guides used by Competitive Edge Fishing on the Reaction Bait rod is superb and fits the application of the rod perfectly.  The Fuji guides used have a lower frame and smaller diameter which reduces torque on the side of the guides, and at the same time increases casting accuracy.  Also with the wraparound guide placement it gives the rod stability.  Just like a spinning rod, this one will not twist to the side.  With the guides closer to the rod blank the hooking power is improved because the line is kept closer to the blank.  


CE Fishing RR6S7 Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Built with high quality fiberglass and Fuji components making it tough! 9
Performance Sensitive, accurate, powerful hookset, and stability 9
Price Good price for a sensitive rod that's built tough  8
Features Design features added for sensitivity.  Wraparound (Robert's Wrap) guides 8.5
Design (Ergonomics) Grips nicely in your hands, but the upper part of the cork handle is a bit short for people with larger hands but not critical 8
Application Built for reaction baits and the rod excels in this area 10

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Wraparound guides L Cork too short for big hands
J Great price  
J Sensitive  
J Strong  

Conclusion: The Competitive Edge Fishing rod RR6S7 with the wraparound guide style was specifically designed for Reaction Baits.  That's what this rod does best and after my in-depth observation and tests, it fishes well!  The construction and components used on this rod made a good match for it's application.  The Reaction Bait rod also comes in a 6'6" length which is perfect for boaters.  If you are wondering where you can purchase these rods online, Worldwaters.com is your place.  Oh! One more thing... All Competitive Edge Fishing rods come with an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME guarantee!

Have fun and keep on fishin!









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