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Lure Review

Putting the Buzz in Buzzbaits : The MegaStrike Cavitron


Date: 12/08/05
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: MegaStrike
Reviewer: Cal




Total Score: 9.17

Introduction: In February of 2005, MegaStrike Inc. purchased Cavitron Lures - makers of perhaps, the most famous buzzbait in bass fishing tournament circles. Bobby Uhrig, President of Megastrike, Inc., made sure to continue production of the Cavitron Buzzbait holding true to Lee Bailey Jr's ideals. We've had our eye on these baits for sometime and decided, shortly after the announcement of this breaking news, to purchase a few for our very own TackleTour evaluation.

The MegaStrike Cavitron Specifications

Type Surface Lure
Size 1/8oz, 1/4oz, 3/8oz
Colors / Patterns Approximately 5 Colors
Hook Gamakatsu
MSRP $5.95

Impressions: So what's the "buzz" about this bait? A buzzbait is a buzzbait, right? The first indication that something was indeed different about this lure's design was when we saw the pictures from their online store. The Cavitron is built with what they call an "oxbow bend". This bend is a pre-engineered modification to the wire of the buzzbait resulting in a few centimeter deeper riding position of the skirt and head within the water. This modification, something this editor does manually to all his personal buzzbaits, results in fewer missed strikes because a bass doesn't have to rise as high out of the water to engulf the lure. At least that's the theory.


The Cavitron Buzzbait features a bent wire design that allows the head and skirt to ride just a little deeper in the water making for less missed strikes


The differences do not stop there. Upon closer inspection with the bait in hand, one notices the high quality Gamakatsu hook of this bait actually rides slightly further back than that of traditional buzzbait designs - virtually eliminating the need for a trailer hook. The patented blade design of this lure features drilled holes that, we theorize, provides less turning resistance in the water while creating more disturbance and enabling the bait to be retrieved at lower speeds than traditional buzzbaits.

A close up of the Cavitron's patented blade design

The Field Tests: Needless to say, the Cavitron Buzzbait impresses right out of the package with all these careful considerations to design, but how do all these features come together on the water? Our favorite buzzbait water by far is the California Delta where the buzzbait bite extends from late February/early March through the gorgeous fall days of November.


Complete test rig for the MegaStrike Cavitron Field Tests

Rod G.Loomis MBR844C GLX
Reel Shimano Metanium MG
Line P-Line Spectrex 50lb test

Far be it for us to do anything within convention. My favorite buzzbait stick at the moment is a G.Loomis MBR844C GLX. Most would question the use of such a heavy action rod for a topwater application, but the MBR844C GLX is perfect for pulling bass out of the weeds once they engulf your bait. To compliment the power of this stick we matched it with a Shimano Metanium MG spooled with 50lb test P-Line Spectrex.

Our Cavitron BuzzBait rigged on an unconventional buzzbait rod, a G.Loomis MBR844C GLX


Casting: For our tests, we acquired the 3/8 oz version of this bait which casts effortlessly with our test rig. The Cavitron is well balanced and sails through the air with minimal effort. Incorporation of a trailer to increase the profile of the bait in the water only increases the castability of this lure. Upon retrieve, the Cavitron rises quickly to the surface thanks no doubt, to the aggressive head design of the lure.


Every Cavitron lure comes with top end components including high quality skirt materials

Presentation: This is where it all comes together with the Cavitron. It is amazing how slowly you can retrieve this buzzbait over the surface of the water and how effortlessly the blade turns and gurgles as you do so. This slow retrieve affords you more time in the strike zone and provides an agonizingly relentless annoyance to the fish below. And of course, if you feel the need for speed, the Cavitron can accommodate a fast retrieve as well spitting, squeaking, squawking and churning as you buzz it back to the boat.


The underside of the Cavitron's head design


Weedlessness: Not only can you retrieve this lure painstakingly slow, but you can buzz it over weeds with as little as a half to a quarter inch of water to spare. This is the only buzzbait we've used that has been this effective in the skinniest of water. Up until now, for water this thin, we've relied on the plastic frog/twintail grub hybrids like the Zoom Horny Toad or the Sizmic Toad. Not any longer, the Cavitron runs true in any water you can throw those baits and at the same time does not get bogged down in the weeds.


The relatively flat head design of the Cavitron contributes to faster planing and therefore, more time in the strike zone


Design: We highlighted all of the features of this well designed lure at the beginning of this article and spoke to the effectiveness of all elements save one: the hook. The Cavitron is built with an extra-long shank Gamakatsu hook. The effectiveness of this long shank design together with the oxbow bend are superb in ensuring you'll be able to land just about every bass that strikes your offering.


Cavitron Buzzbaits feature extra long, very sharp Gamakatsu hooks


Availability: Part of the reason for the sale of Cavitron Lures to MegaStrike was to increase the availability of these lures that, up until now, were most easily acquired via their website. By most indications, this may still be the best way to purchase these lures for the near future, but hopefully, distribution will increase in the coming months and years as this is truly a bait worth trying.


The perfect buzzbait? quite possibly


The MegaStrike Cavitron Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality A top notch buzzbait to be certain 9
Performance Surprisingly effective even over weeds that are touching the surface of the water 10
Price Not the least expensive buzzbait around but also not the most expensive 8
Features Gamakatsu hooks will get high scores from this editor every time 9
Design The not so secret bend in the wire, fast planing head, and slow gurgling action make this buzzbait just about perfect in design 10
Application Effective in and around weeds, stickups, and other buzzbait-like water. 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Fast or super super slow, the Cavitron can do it all L Can be a little difficult to locate
J Surprising resistance to weeds
J Longshank Gamakatsu Hook  
J Pre-engineered oxbow bend  

Conclusion: Tournament anglers across the country have known about this buzzer for close to ten years. We've known about it for a few but it hasn't made it into our review list now. If buzzing is your thing, visit their website now and purchase a few of these gems. The answer to our previous question of "a buzzbait is a buzzbait, right?" is a resounding no. The Cavitron is a buzzbait with a difference. A little bend here, an extension there, a few holes in the blade, and a fast planing head come together in what quite possibly may be the perfect buzzbait. The general accolades for this product are well deserved and we're happy to add it to our collection of tried, true, and trusted lures.











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