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Rod Preview

Cape Fear draws on Hextek technology to construct their new series of bass rods

Date: 2/12/05
Tackle type: Rods
Manufacturer: Cape Fear
Reviewer: JIP


Introduction: Today there are many rods on the market but few that are actually developing their own patented processes or designs. Cape Fear Rod Company is one such company that makes it onto the short list of truly inventive rod manufacturers, using a unique building technology called Hextek™. Well known to saltwater anglers, they now have moved into the freshwater market by producing rods for bass fishing applications.

The new Technical Bass rods will incorporate Cape Fear's Hextek II rod building technology

Hextek™ Technology: Before we introduce their new line of bass rods, let's first examine their rod building technology. Hextek™, Cape Fear's patented technology, is a manufacturing process in which the rod is constructed of six T-shaped graphite elements. When put together they form a hexagonal rod with three interior I-beams. This results in greater strength, performance, sensitivity, and of course durability.


Because of their patented process these rods can be tailored for specific and unique performance and applications


Technical Bass™: The Technical Bass™ series of rods is probably one of the more exciting products we've seen in recent months. This isn't just any other rod. These bass rods are truly distinctive. “We designed these rods to do what bass fishermen need done,” says Cape Fear President Raiford Trask. “Each rod is designed from the ground up to meet challenges that other rods can’t begin to address.”  The Technical Bass™ rods will use Cape Fear's latest Hextek II™ technology. Because of their building process, they have the ability to develop unique actions that aren't possible with standard tubular graphite. Besides the tailored actions, the Hextek II™ technology allows them to build rods from lower-modulus graphite on the rod's compression plane to find the perfect match between power and flexibility.


Technical Bass™ Series Rods

TB145-63C - 6'3 length - 8-17lb test line - 3/16-3/4 ounce lures - fast action - medium power
Type: Spinnerbait - Casting

Cape Fear Description: The TB145-63C is a 6’3” casting rod that covers a wide range of bass fishing demands, from finesse flipping light jigs, to burning spinnerbaits and steady retrieves on stickbaits. **Fuji Alconite Guides**

TB145-66C - 6'6 length - 8-17lb test line - 3/16-3/4 ounce lures - fast action - medium power
Type: Multi-purpose - Casting

Cape Fear Description: The TB145-66C is a 6’6” multi-purpose casting rod, built to have plenty of casting range and still perform in tight places. This rod is a dynamite stick for crankbaits, spinnerbaits, spoons, tubes and do-nothings. **Fuji Hardloy Guides**

TB145-66S - 6'6 length - 8-17lb test line - 3/4-3 ounce lures - fast action - medium power
Type: Drop Shot - Spinning

Cape Fear Description: The TB145-66S is a 6’6” spinning rod is the perfect rod for a drop-shotting. This rod has a light, sensitive tip for twitching baits, as well as a Hextek’s strong backbone for lifting power. You will be amazed by the sensitivity and power of this drop shot rod. **Fuji Hardloy Guides**

TB158-70C - 7'0 length - 8-17lb test line - 1/4-1 ounce lures - fast action - medium heavy power
Type: Heavy Spinnerbait - Casting

Cape Fear Description: The TB158-70C is a seven-foot Heavy Spinner Bait rod.

TB168-68C - 6'8 length - 8-17lb test line - 1/4-1 ounce lures - fast action - medium heavy power
Type: Ripping and Cranking Rod - Casting

Cape Fear Description: The TB168-68C is a medium-heavy six-foot eight Crankbait rod that has plenty of crisp casting and hookset power without ever feeling to stiff. Deep-diving big-lippers, shallow running Shad Raps, and any spinner blades fit this rod comfortably. **Fuji Alconite Guides**

TB174-70C - 7'0 length - 12-25lb test line - 1/2-1 1/2 ounce lures - fast action - medium heavy power
Type: Pitching and Flipping - Casting

Cape Fear Description: The TB174-70C is an Advanced Pitching and Flipping rod, designed for a bass fishing technique that calls for a stiff, accurate, powerful weapon. Pitching puts jigs in tight places without any racket, and our Advanced Pitching rod is famous for calling the big one out of her logjam. **Fuji Alconite Guides**

Conclusion: Cape Fear's Technical Bass™ series are designed to benefit anglers of all levels and applies to those bass specific techniques that we all practice, and thanks to the
Hextek™ technology we now have a new-fangled tool to help us fine tune our approach to those applications. Cape Fear may be new to the freshwater game, but the company has a reputation for innovation and quality they can be proud of. Cape Fear has been developing rods for saltwater anglers for decades. While their rod building technology is quite different than other manufacturers, Raiford Trask knows his rods are sure to make more than just a dent in the bass market. “Tournament bass anglers are even more technology conscious than most saltwater anglers,” Trask says. “We expect that they will be quick to pick up on our technology’s advantage and make it their own competitive advantage.” Since its initial introduction of the Technical Bass™ in June 2004, these rods are now becoming readily available in your local stores and online retailers with a starting price of $269 and up. Stay tuned for our in-depth review on one of these pioneering new rods.









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