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Apparel Review


Blocking out the Burn – Buff’s Eclipse Gloves


Date: 9/9/19
Tackle type: Gloves
Manufacturer: Buff
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.25 - EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD

Introduction: If it were up to us anglers we would be on the water every single day of the year, and while we spend numerous hours prepping tackle for each trip the reality is that unfortunately for many anglers sun protection becomes an afterthought. More and more anglers are making sun protection part of their fishing routine and are turning to garments like facemasks and gloves designed specifically to protect themselves from the sun. These technical garments are not only designed to protect our skin but also improve the overall enjoyment of our time spent outdoors. When it comes to sun protection garments Buff continues to be a leader, and offers a diverse range of sungloves, including their higher-end Eclipse and Elite gloves.


Buff Eclipse Sunglove Specifications

Colors 3 colors (Key West, Reflection Green, Reflection Grey)
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL
Material 80% Polyester/20% Spandex
Features UPF 50+, breathable, durable stretch fabric, easy on wrist pull, easy off finger tip pull, longer cuff for UV protection, anti-microbial material, bonded stretch hem for additional comfort, durable -layer fabric between index finger and thumb for enhanced durability
MSRP $35


Buff steps up their sunglove game with the new Eclipse Series


Impressions: Buff pretty much created the fishing facemask category and these days regardless of what brand tubular garment we wear most anglers still refer to them as “Buffs.” Building on their success of their signature multifunctional headwear the company has now expanded to other garments including headbands, caps, arm sleeves, neckwarmers, gloves, and even neckwear for dogs!


The palm side of the Eclipse reveals a combination of double layer fabric and a silicon dot pattern and abrasion resistant film to maximize grip and overall durability


While I have been wearing Buff headwear since they were first introduced I started to notice the need to wear gloves about five years ago while fishing for over four hours at a time and I started developing sunburns and sun rashes after this extended exposure. At first I chocked it up to extremely bright days on the water, or simply not applying enough sunblock, but over time the issues started magnify and affect how long I was able to stay in the sun, and ultimately began impacting my overall fishing enjoyment. This was the catalyst for me to start exploring the benefits of sungloves.


Looking even more protection? The Elite Series features a palm with tough synthetic suede which repels water and dries quickly


Buff makes a number of different sungloves, each offering increasing amounts of protection from the sun, the elements, and fish. The entry level Solar Series is the company’s lightest weight glove which has a minimalist approach designed to offer UPF 40+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) sun protection without feeling heavy or restrictive.


A pull tab at the wrist and at the top of the middle finger help make putting on and taking off the Eclipse gloves easier


The Aqua Glove is the next step up with UP 50+ protection and an all-over silicon palm to increase grip and reduce chafing cuts. Then we get to the Eclipse and Elite Gloves which are designed with UPF 50+ protection and come with a combination of silicone and abrasion resistant film to maximize grip and minimize wear. These gloves make use of double layer fabric, or a complete synthetic suede palm found on the Elite Glove, to provide even more durability and protection from sharp fins or abrasive lines.


Time to see how these gloves perform in the field


Real World Tests: I went into this particular series of tests focusing on the Eclipse and Elite Series Gloves and ultimately found my favorite of the two, the Eclipse, when looking for a quality option for freshwater, and primarily bass fishing, applications. Over the course of the last six months I wore these gloves side by side in a variety of conditions, ranging from cool winter evenings to blistering hot summer afternoons, and fishing a wide range of techniques to get a feel for how each glove felt and performed across an array of applications.


The Eclipse Glove offers exceptional grip without affecting dexterity and feel too much, this is great for bass anglers that are constantly casting and working with their hands


Operation: You wouldn’t think that there was a whole lot that manufacturers could do when it comes to innovating on sun gloves but the advance of new materials and manufacturing processes has yielded some interesting improvements over the last few seasons. Buff’s approach to sungloves is to build comfortable gloves that provide protection, but never feel heavy, or restrict motion, when fishing. Like many sungloves both the Eclipse and Elite Series gloves make use of a three-quarter finger length design to provide protection over most of your hands and fingers, while leaving fingertips free for dexterous tasks like tying knots and operating reels.


I found that the Eclipse Gloves offered a firm grip on all surfaces


Where these gloves start to separate themselves from the pack is in their feature packed design and level of refinement. These Buff gloves utilize double-layer fabric or suede to reinforce key areas between the index finger and thumb for maximum durability and bonded stretch hems eliminate chafing.


I found that both the Eclipse and Elite Series gloves fit true to size and because the material offers plenty of stretch they are very comfortable to wear all day long.


Hot day? No problem the Eclipse gloves will keep you protected and are breathable so you will not overheat

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