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Featured Article: Manufacturer Introduction

Introducing Black Dog Bait Company... (continued)

Field Tests: We met up with Grant and Jeremy on the California Delta where they took us on tour of their favorite areas to test their baits. In fact, Grant took us right to the very first spot he threw the Shellcracker prototype. On that trip, he only had about an hour of free time but wanted to check the swimming action of the bait. After only a couple of casts, he was rewarded by the strike of a nice five pound largemouth bass. He came back a couple of days later to this very spot and had three fish absolutely destroy his bait - all in the five to six pound range. They say the third time is the charm and on that third trip, he had another explosive strike that resulted in a fish that tipped the scales at eight and a half pounds! Grant quickly discovered, that their new swimbait not only caught big fish, but if fished consistently, was a bait that enables you to catch a limit of quality fish! His thoughts were reinforced when shortly thereafter, a local fisherman who had purchased one of their early Shellcrackers, won a tournament and even took big fish of the day with an eleven pound largemouth!


Grant is also a proud pro-staffer for Quantum

What better way to kill a buzz? Take a couple of TackleTour editors out on your boat with the hope of showing them something special. This trip, unfortunately, would offer no such epiphanies as Grant's first few forays onto the water with their new bait. But what we did get to see were the quality construction and tailored swimming actions of their product line. Grant could barely contain himself as he pulled out each bait in their lineup and showed us what they could do in the water.

Check out the wake behind the Lunker Punker as Grant works it back and forth like a giant cigar bait


Jeremy, on the other hand, was actually in a different boat and a bit more reserved, concentrating instead on trying to find the pattern for the day. That is, until he found out about Cal's niche as Tackle Tour's "Enthusiast Tackle Editor". At one point, we had the boats side by side and Jeremy held in his hand, one of Cal's swimbait combo's - a Megabass F7-74DG Destruction paired with a Shimano Antares DC7 outfitted with a Bassart 90mm carbon handle. Jeremy did not miss a single detail of that outfit from the snake in the split rear grip, to the aftermarket carbon handle on the reel.


The tackle of a bait manufacturer - some of the latest and greatest from Quantum

But since Jeremy prefers right hand retrieve reels and Grant doesn't, Grant was able to do Jeremy one better. He got to use the outfit as he and Cal traded rigs for half the day! All we could hear off the front of the boat after that exchange was the uncontrollable, evil laughter of a newborn tackle enthusiast. Cal had snared the biggest catch of the day..... Grant.

The Go-To Minnow in action swimming back to the boat just under the surface.


What trip would be complete without an introduction to Cal's arsenal. Jeremy admires the F7-74DG that Cal brought along for the day.


The Future: What does the future hold for Black Dog Bait Company? With founders as enthusiastic and creative as these two, you can rest assured a lot more. In fact, Grant tells us they would like to expand into other bait segments as well including soft plastic, crankbaits, and more. Grant has some ideas for a new topwater plug that promises to be more realistic than anything out there today. It's this type of aggressive optimism that we love to see in a company, and stay tuned for ICAST as they promise to unveil yet another masterpiece.


He winds...


He swings...


he launches ... Grant field testing Cal's Megabass F7-74DG and Shimano Antares DC7 combo with one of his own Shellcrackers tied to the end of the line.


They're still not done tweaking the three products we showcased today either. As we stated earlier, right now, their baits are made of wood. This choice in material has certain factors involved that keep production costs high. Grant and Jeremy are actually considering re-investigating making these baits out of resin to lower production costs and pass the savings along to their customers with a lower priced product line. They might even continue with both versions so that both the choices are out there for the consumer to make.


One of Grant's very first fish on the Shellcracker

Even more exciting are their plans to have several batches of blanks made up of each bait and sent over from the factory in China so that they can paint some custom requested colors or limited edition baits or both. The ideas and possibilities seem endless and we're very optimistic they can make it all a reality.

The future is bright for Grant Olguin (left) and Jeremy Andersen (right) of Black Dog Bait Company


Conclusion: Remember the free bait giveaway we mentioned at the top of this article? Grant told us the story of one customer who purchased a Quantum swimbait combo at one of the shows but actually turned down the free bait offer. The customer asked for some free fishing line instead. Maybe this person was already dialed into a favorite swimbait or maybe he was purchasing the combo to fish other species. Whatever the case may be, one has to wonder, down the line, how badly this person might regret not taking advantage of such a rare opportunity. It is a very rare opportunity indeed, to spend time out on the water with a couple of bait making entrepreneurs like Grant and Jeremy. We look forward to watching them grow and seeing what interesting products they develop in the coming years. Thanks Grant and Jeremy, looking forward to seeing you again on the water!


Black Dog Bait Company is just starting to distribute their products to tackle stores. For more information or to keep up on availability and release dates, you can visit their website










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