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Lure Review

A Tale of Two Baits, Bettencourt Baits' RealFish Shad & Real Snake

Date: 2/04/09
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Bettencourt Baits
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.92 (RealFish Shad) : 7.08 (Real Snake)


Introduction: With previous reviews on their Rodent, Assassin, and Real Bluegill baits, we here at TackleTour have always enjoyed seeing what's new and exciting over at Bettencourt Baits. Their out of the box and unconventional approach to bait making

Bettencourt Baits RealFish Shad Specifications

Type Plug
Depth Floater 1-4 feet : Sinker 3-6 feet
Class Floater & Sinker
Size (Weight) 3 1/2inches (F = 5/8 oz : S = 3/4 oz)
Colors/Patterns one
MSRP $29.95


Late in 2007, we caught wind of two new-to-us baits that were more along the lines of conventional sized lures rather than the big bait profiles we are accustomed to seeing from this manufacturer. Naturally, we got on the waiting list (each bait is made to order) and anxiously awaited our baits' arrival. Finally, here is our take on the Bettencourt RealFish Shad and Real Snake baits.


Bettencourt Baits Real Snake Specifications

Type Plug
Depth Surface
Class Floater
Size (Weight) 10 inches ( 3/4 oz)
Colors/Patterns one
MSRP $49.95

Impressions: Both the Real Shad and Real Snake baits from Bettencourt are rather unimpressive out of the water - the snake more so than the shad. The Shad is a relatively simple, two piece design with a single treble hook on the bottom, a realistic paint scheme, and Bettencourt's signature fibered fins.


Introducing Bettencourt Baits' RealFish Shad


The Snake, quite frankly, looks like a toy snake one would buy at an amusement park. That is, if it weren't for the diving bill and two VMC treble hooks hanging from its belly. It's a four piece bait with a single joint connecting each piece to the next and features a simple black to brown to tan paint scheme with red three dimensional eyes.


Introducing Bettencourt Baits' Real Snake


The Field Tests: But as we've learned with all Bettencourt Baits, the proof is not how the baits look in their packaging, but rather, how they look and perform in the water. Do these two baits have what it takes to live up to their "Real" moniker? Let's find out.



The RealFish Shad features a single hinge holding the two body pieces together. 

Casting: Neither the Shad or Snake are unconventional in weight, so the great thing about them is you can cast them just fine on a typical heavy or medium heavy powered casting rod. In fact, both baits are even perfectly suited for spinning tackle.

Each bait is numbered, and initialed by Nathan Bettencourt himself.


The Shad casts perfectly fine in virtually all conditions. Ironically, because it's so light, it can be misdirected when trying to cast through a side wind but there are no issues with fouling or lost distance due to its multi-piece design.


The action end of the Real Snake - it's all in this bill.

The Snake is a bit more of a challenge given its gangly construction and actually casts better on a road that loads easily in the tip. A spinning rod might just be ideal for this bait, but we did not venture down that road. Instead, I fished the Snake on my Kistler He76MHC using fifty five pound Toray Bawo Finesse Braid line.

The Snake has a good range of motion in its joints.


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