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Lure Preview

New Pro-Designed Berkley HAVOC Baits debut at the Bassmaster Classic

Date: 2/17/11
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Berkley
Reviewer: JIP

Introduction: The 2011 Bassmaster Classic is upon us and is the perfect opportunity for Berkley to release a number of new baits. Berkley has historically worked with tournament pros to create to develop and release new baits during the Classic and this year the company teams up with some of the biggest names in the business to release new lures in their HAVOC series.


HAVOC Pit Boss: Designed by Skeet Reese, the Berkley HAVOC Pit Boss is an innovative new twist on the traditional creature bait. This 4 inch bait is designed to be fished in the harshest and most demanding fish habitats. “I love fishing with a flippin’ stick,” said Skeet Reese, Berkley Pro Angler. “I designed the Pit Boss to mimic bait fish as well as crayfish. It’s the perfect size to match the most common forage sizes and has the best possible action to get bites in all conditions.”


Here's the HAVOC Pit Boss pro-designed by Skeet Reese


The Pit Boss is designed for flipping, for fishing Texas rigged or utilized as a trailer. The HAVOC Pit Boss has a life-like texture, four active tails, and a unique ribbed body for better hook ups and water movement. The Pit Boss is available in 10 effective colors and is currently available only in a 4 inch size. Each pack will consist of 8 baits and will retail for $3.49.




Pro-Designed by Iaconelli, the HAVOC Devil Spear is an original


HAVOC Devil Spear: Leave it to pro angler Michael Iaconelli to come up with something original, and just a little off the wall. Working with Berkley's design team Iaconelli designed the HAVOC Devil Spear. This new bait is hard to describe, half of it appears to be a fattened grub with a completely unique tail. The 4 inch Devil Spear has a spear-shaped tail design and features three slits (similar to multi-jointed swimbaits) to provide action when the bait is moved.


“I love this bait,” said Michael Iaconelli, Berkley Pro Angler. “I can fish it many different ways, and the design is completely original. While I worked with Berkley on this design it was clear that we needed to come up with something off the wall that was entirely functional on any bass-fishing technique. I wanted a bait that could be fished easily in heavy cover and have great action on the fall. We came up with a segmented tail to create a flapping or whipping action. The Devil Spear is tough, but retains all the action.”


The new Berkley HAVOC Devil Spear will also come 8 baits per pack and will retail for $3.49. Ten color choices and patterns are available: June Bug, June Bug Red Fleck, Black Blue, Sapphire Blue Black Fleck, Red Shad, Watermelon Red Fleck, Alabama Craw, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Blue Fleck and Black.




The HAVOC Craw Fatty with crazy appendages and a wide ribbed body


HAVOC Craw Fatty: The Craw Fatty designed by Bobby Lane is designed to be a versatile new bait. It features twin flapping claws, tentacles, and a substantial mass to give bass more to chew on. “The Craw Fatty has bigger ribs and a wider body to increase action and trigger more bites,” said Berkley pro team member Bobby Lane. “And the thinner design in the body will result in flawless hook sets. You can flip it, pitch it, punch it, rig on a jig, Texas rig it or Carolina rig it."


Available in 10 exciting colors (Watermelon Candy, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Red, Black Red Fleck, Black Blue Fleck, Okeechobee Craw, Smoky Green Pumpkin, Black-Blue Silver Fleck and Louisiana Bug), the bait comes 8 per pack with a retail price of $3.49.



HAVOC The Deuce, a twin tail grub that works


HAVOC The Deuce: There have been multiple tail grub-type baits, but many are not much more than lifeless drones. Berkley partnered with Gary Klein to create what they hope will be a game changer. The HAVOC  The Deuce™ is a 3-inch twin-tail grub with a flapping-leg design that is supposed to move aggressively at all speeds. Ideal for use on a wide variety of jig head shapes, The Deuce trailer moves through the water with extreme flapping action. On rocks, across points or in the thickest cover, this bait is designed to perform in a wide range of situations. The trailing edge of each twin-tail leg is reinforced for added strength and contributes to the bait’s action.


“What makes the HAVOC The Deuce different is its extended body cavity to accept a larger hook, and the overall action of the bait’s flapping legs when it moves through the water even at the slowest speeds,” said Gary Klein, Berkley Pro Angler. “The action and versatility of The Deuce truly makes this bait a special tool in my arsenal and it is available in my ten most favored colors.”


The Deuce will be available in 10 fish-attracting colors at introduction: Shady Watermelon Candy, Watermelon Red, Green Pumpkin Sumthin, Green Pumpkin Green, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Candy Red, Green Pumpkin Blue, Smoke Sparkle, Smoke Sparkle Black Fleck and Cinnamon Purple Black Fleck. The lures will retail for $3.49 and come bundled in a re-sealable 10 pack.

Conclusion: Previously when professional anglers worked with the Berkley design team to come up with new secret baits they were exactly that... secret. They would uses these new baits to fish tournaments including the Classic. That all changed a few seasons ago when Berkley decided to make available the very same baits that the pros employed at this major event for public purchase. Now weekend warriors can fish the same pro-designed HAVOC lures. Will one of these new HAVOC baits play into a major win for one of these pros this week? It is time to find out!









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