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Storage Review


Rack’em and Go Fishing, a Quicker Rod Draw with Bedrack


Date: 7/4/17
Tackle type: Rod
Manufacturer: Bedrack
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.50 - GREAT

Introduction: Are you a truck owner, are you looking for a better way to transport fishing outfits? Bedrack hopes the answer to both of those questions is yes, and has created a new rack that caters specifically to anglers. The Bedrack is an easy to install fishing rack that requires no drilling whatsoever and even comes with some security provisions to help keep your fish fighting arsenal safely stowed on the go.


Bedrack Fishing Rack Specifications

Material Stainless Steel and Aluminum
Application Truck Bed Rod Storage
Number of Rods Held 1 with kit (More possible with upgrades at 40 dollars each)
Lockable Yes (Lock 20 dollar upgrade from Bedrack)
MSRP $129.99 Standard (1 rod holder bundled), ($149.99 with Lock)


The Bedrack is a rack designed for holding fishing rods in your open track bed


Impressions: There are a number of fishing rod holders out there designed for truck beds and just about all of them claim to be the best or easiest to use. For starters I wouldn’t consider purchasing a bed rack that required any drilling, as this shouldn’t be necessary with the existing options that are now available today. Bedrack was established six years ago in Charleston, South Carolina, with the vision to create a better way to transport surfboards in the bed of trucks.


This rack is held in place with pressure. Large pads help distribute the pressure while securely locking the rack in place

Their original prototypes literally consisted of PVC pipes and ropes and eventually evolved into the patent pending racks they now manufacture and sell today. With the success of their surfboard models the company has now introduced new racks designed for carrying fishing rods, bikes, and SUPs.


The Bedrack comes with a rod holder that uses different spacers to go on either side of the rack

Operation: To test the Bedrack I utilized the fishing rack over the last four months in the bed of my primary fishing and tow vehicle, a Ford Raptor. Like most anglers that own trucks my Raptor is often “home base” for all my fishing trips, carrying not only all my gear but also serving as my refuge from the elements.


Stainless steel clamps on the rod holders

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve waited out a storm or caught up on a few hours of sleep before peak fishing periods. With storage space at a premium on trips there isn’t always the luxury of carrying multiple rods, and you can forget about stowing multiple outfits that are rigged and ready to go at all times. Which is essentially what the Bedrack is designed to enable anglers to do.


Check out these welds, this rod holder can even be used on watercraft rails


The Bedrack can be ordered straight from the manufacturer and arrives in a medium sized box with everything that you need to install it into the bed of your truck. There isn’t much in terms of documentation that comes with the rack, and you won’t need it, as installation is both intuitive and stress-free.


The rod holder can be adjusted to hold rods at any angle

Simply put the two main rack ends together and clamp down on the lever to apply pressure on the pads, securing the rack in place with no more than pressure.


Lock down the main lever to secure the rack in place

I’ve utilized other racks that use screw type pressure designs and nothing I have ever used puts out as much pressure as the Bedrack’s lever and teeth design. The teeth are large enough so they can really lock down and secure the rack firmly in place. Once the rack is locked in simply choose the correct spacers for the side of the rack you plan to install the two bundled stainless steel rod holders and securing four bolts on each holder will hold them in place.


The rack can easily hold additional rod holders

The lever/gear design is robust and the best I’ve seen when it comes to securing the rod holders, they will not rotate even with large heavy rigs or when driving fast down a rough road.


Because the rack is essentially a tube you can select any angle that you like in which to hold your rods in place. This is a big plus if you know you will be fishing driving and fishing in areas with lower overhead clearance.


The angle can be adjusted to protect rod tips if you know you will be driving in tight spaces

The entire installation took less than ten minutes, and removing the rack when you need to free up your entire bed can be done in seconds, simply pull up on the lever and pull out the rack. The only downside to this design is that the center of the rack’s bar cannot be used to install additional holders, though I could easily see installing four rod holders on this rack, which is probably more than enough for most anglers.


The entire rack can be locked and secured with the bundled cable lock

The Bedrack is also available with an optional lock that can thread through your rack and your reel, providing some additional security, and while I still wouldn’t leave your expensive outfits in the back of your bed overnight this additional protection is nice when you need to step away from your truck for a few minutes.


Sun, Rain, even Snow will do little to harm this rack

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