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It isn't just swimbaits at the Anglers Marine 22nd Annual Bass-A-Thon

Date: 11/27/08
Location: Anglers Marine - Anaheim, CA
Manufacturer: Various
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: While there is no doubt that swimbaits stole the show at the Bass-A-Thon there were many other interesting products highlighted at the event. In part two of our coverage we look at some interesting new baits, rods, and tools.


Anglers at the Bass-A-Thon prepare for a seminar


Lucky Craft: We start our coverage back up with a visit to the Lucky Craft booth where we were greeted by L.C. representative Roy Gray. He walked us through the latest and greatest new offerings starting with the Kelly J.


Roy Gray shows us the latest baits from Lucky Craft


The Kelly J. is named after professional angler Kelly Jordan who helped design this new lure. The Kelly J. is basically a new take on the prop bait and is designed to target areas where bluegill are bedded up. The Kelly J has unique characteristics such as its deep profile and props on both the front and back. When fished with short jerks, the props work together to throw water. When simply reeled in, it works much like a buzz bait, according to Jordon.


A new take on prop baits, introducing the Kelly J.


The Kelly J. is designed to be fished all day long and Roy mentioned one of the most effective ways to fish this bait is to twitch and pop it. "With the deep profile and the way the bait sits in the water, it really resembles the profile of any small baitfish, especially bream," Jordon said. "It will throw water and make a lot of commotion on the top without having to move it very far." Another inside tip from Jordon is to play with the pitch of the props. If they are cupped deeper, at more of a slant forward to backward, the bait will come through the water quieter than if the props are flat. Jordon throws the Kelly J on a medium-action rod, but a longer rod can be used if a long cast is needed. Also, adjust to a shorter rod when around tight overhangs and limbs.


Gary Dobyns has a new line of Phantom Chartreuse lures


Gary Dobyns has also been busy working with the Lucky Craft team and has introduced a number of Lucky Craft's most popular baits in his signature Phantom Chartreuse Shad pattern. The belly of the bait is clear and the center sports a chartreuse yellow lateral line and the top of the bait is a translucent green-olive color. Anglers can expect to see this pattern on everything from Pointers to Staysees and LV baits. Each of these baits comes with Gary's signature silkscreened on to the top of the lure.


Each bait is silkscreened with Gary's signature


Finally Lucky Craft has also introduced a new Sammy 105 which unlike the standard Sammy's has a single tungsten knocker that puts additional noise into the water as the lure is walked across the surface. Though identical in size this new Sammy will also sport a third treble hook to increase hook up ratios with aggressive fish. The Sammy is often employed by anglers for subtle topwater action and it will be interesting to see how this more boisterous version performs. 


A nosier Sammy with an extra hook

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