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Anglers Marine 22nd Annual Bass-A-Thon brings out the Big Baits!

Date: 11/23/08
Location: Anglers Marine - Anaheim, CA
Manufacturer: Various
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Anglers Marine puts on their 22nd Annual Bass-A-Thon show which brings together a slew of manufacturers and pros to highlight new tackle and techniques. This is an impressive show that continues to gain momentum with each coming year and has attracted big bait brands to debut their newest custom swimbaits much to the delight of hard core big bass hunters. The team here at TackleTour decided it was time to make a road trip and head south to see just what the Bass-A-Thon was all about.  


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Anglers Marine is located in Los Angeles, more accurately in the city of Anaheim which is home to Disneyland and the Angels. Anglers Marine is owned by Rick and Cindy Grover who are committed to quality service for their customers and have grown their business which was started 28 years ago. The Anaheim location that the show was held it is actually their second shop, their other showroom is located in Santee, CA. Anglers Marine is more than just a well stocked tackle shop, like their name implies they are a full service depot for boats. They sell many brands of watercraft including Ranger, Tracker, Tahoe, Nitro, Champion, Stratos, and Ebtide.  


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Scene: Entry into Anglers Marine

For tackle junkies like us a trip down to the Bass-A-Thon is more exciting than a trip to Disneyland, and we eagerly loaded into our car at 1 AM in the San Francisco Bay Area and head south. We arrived just as the show opened its doors at 7AM and there was already a line outside waiting to get in. We were met by John Deutsche the Tackle Manager at Anglers Marine who welcomed us to the event and showed us around the shop.   


Welcome to the 22nd Annual Bass-A-Thon, a great show for anglers looking for new boats and big baits


The aisles were already packed and within the first thirty minutes and many of the manufacturers were already down to half of their limited edition product inventory. There were a number of show specials and manufacturers like Huddleston even had signed special colors, other new swimbait manufacturers made use of the opportunity to introduce their new creations. While swimbaits were not the only offerings at the show they certainly stole the spotlight. 


At 7:15 AM only fifteen minutes after the show opened the aisles were already packed with anglers


Other products that lined the store floor were rods, reels, lines, other lures, and a number of new tools. There were a number of events at the show including seminars by bass pros like ESPN's Mark Zona, Gerald Swindle, Mike McClelland, and even Kevin Van Dam. At the end of day two a raffle awarded a lucky angler a trip for two to Angler's Inn in Mexico to fish lake El Salto. 


John Deutsche the Tackle Manager at Anglers marine at the helm


The show actually surprised us with how much new tackle was being debuted right here on the shop floor, and we start our tackle coverage with the most exciting swimbaits from the event. First of which was none other than the new Phantom Trout Series from Huddleston Deluxe.


We start our swimbait coverage with the new baits from Huddleston Deluxe

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