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Tool Review

Making the Cut? The Ardent Rigger Tool


Date: 2/5/14
Tackle type: Tools
Manufacturer: Ardent
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Total Score: 4.91 - SUB PAR

Ardent is widely known for their domestic lineup of bass reels, but many people may be unfamiliar with the fact that they make several other types of rods as well as fishing accessories like the Smart Cull system which we awarded an Editor’s Choice to a few seasons ago. Among the accessory items in their product lineup is also a tool called the Ardent Rigger. Designed as a compact yet versatile tool, it promises to be a handy little item that will supposedly make your fishing day a little easier. Is this a gadget you'll always want to remember to bring with you, or is it one that's easily forgettable?


Ardent Rigger Tool Specifications

Material Plastic and stainless steel
Length 4 inches
Features Line clippers, line cutter, hook sharpener, jig-eye cleaner, belt hook, line threader
MSRP $9.99


The Ardent Rigger is packaged with a handy lanyard.

Impressions: The Ardent Rigger is a compact tool measuring about four inches long. It features a stealthy, non-glare black plastic housing and is adorned with the signature Ardent logo. The Rigger is lightweight and slim, and remains low-profile when clipped to a belt. It also easily fits into a small pocket or can be tossed into a tackle bag taking up minimal space. While not designed to do everything an angler might need during the course of a fishing day, the Ardent Rigger is a convenience item that will allow you to consolidate several tools into one handy little unit. 

The familiar Ardent logo is displayed on the clipper lever.

Features/Operation: The included line clipper is basically a standard nail clipper inside of the black plastic housing. On our test unit, the cutting jaws didn't line up perfectly straight. Obviously, this caused some problems when trying to cut mono line. The clippers would also cut braid, but not very well.

Tough to see here, but the left side of the jaws are closer together than the right side. This crooked spacing caused for inconsistent cuts.

Next to the cutting jaws is the eyelet for the lanyard to hook into. The positioning of this eyelet is terrible, as it interferes with the functionality of the clippers and forces you to make certain cuts from an angle. Unfortunately, my line clipping tests didn’t last the complete extent of the field tests, in fact it broke on the first day! While I was applying modest force to snip some heavy fluorocarbon, the lever on the clippers snapped clean off! It was actually not a huge surprise since the clippers had a weak feel to them from the start. They exhibited a loose feel during use, and the plastic housing even flexed noticeably when a cut was made. Got a good pair of scissors? Use those instead.

Here you can see how the clipper lever broke clean off.

The line cutter is a small blade on the very end of the housing unit designed to shear braided line quickly and cleanly. This end of the tool has a curved “hook” shape to not only aid in cutting the braid, but also protect the user from cuts! Thankfully, the cutting blade works really well and cuts braid without an issue.

The small line cutter slices braid without a problem.

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