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Sunglass Review


Stay Afloat With Amphibia Hydra Sunglasses

Date: 2/19/17
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Amphibia
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Total Score: 7.83 - GOOD

Ever forget your sunglasses before leaving for a day of fishing? I did just one time, and it made for a very uncomfortable outing. Without sunglasses, your eyes won't get the critical protection they deserve and seeing things like fish and submerged structure can be nearly impossible. There's a bunch of choices out there as far as eyewear goes, and Amphibia offers some quality solutions with some great added features. Let's find out what their Hydra glasses are made of!


Amphibia Hydra Sunglasses Specifications

Frame Style Tested


Frame Material

TR90 Polymers

Frame/Lens Color Options

Matte Black/Sandstorm
Camo/Baja Bronze
White/Blue Storm

Frame/Lens Color Tested

Camo/Baja Bronze Polycarbonate


Zippered Case, Soft Pouch, Cleaning Cloth, Decal

Other Features

Floating Design, ANSI Z87.1 Impact Safety Rating, Proprietary AquaArmor lens coating, Polarized lenses, 100% UV blocking


$168.99 (TackleWarehouse.com)

Extras like a case, pouch, and cleaning cloth come along with these glasses.

Impressions/Features: My whole life I've always had cheaper pairs of sunglasses. They get the job done for me and if they break or get lost it's not that big of a deal. My current pair of sunglasses is in fact the most expensive pair I've ever owned at just $60. I like them just fine, but upon receiving the Amphibia Hydra Sunglasses for testing it was immediately apparent that these are in a different league.

The frame does not wrap around underneath the lenses.

My Amphibia Hydra sunglasses featured the camo frames and “Baja Bronze” lense color. Construction-wise, they instantly felt and looked like they were of high quality. The frame and earpieces had a soft, smooth finish with no imperfections or rough edges. Mine folded up with a nice firmness that instilled confidence for wearing them on top of my head or hooked onto my shirt collar. The lenses had a reflective outer finish and were similarly smooth with no visible defects.

Aircel technology is built-in to each of the earpieces.

The Hydra lenses carry an ANSI Z87.1 impact safety rating and offer 100% UV protection. Not only are the lenses rugged, but they feature a proprietary AquaArmor coating to protect from glare, fogging, and scratches. On top of all these features, the glasses float! The patented AirCel technology uses encapsulated air and helps keep them floating happily on the surface of the water if they should fall in. I remember once having a pair of sunglasses fall off my shirt collar and into a canal, only to watch them sink into the depths. Not cool!

A look at AirCel from the outside.

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