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Rod Preview

TT Covert operations delivers a snapshot into the future of innovation from AiRRUS Rods

Date: 6/23/04
Tackle type: Rods
Manufacturer: AiRRUS
Reviewer: Team TT Undercover

Introduction: Around the ICAST timeframe many anglers begin to wonder just what Ken Whiting of AiRRUS has up his sleeves this year. Never one afraid to innovate Ken has taken the tackle industry by storm on more than one occasion. Will there be something innovative this year? Team TT Undercover conducted covert operations at the AiRRUS headquarters in Las Vegas, and what we discovered left us breathless.


A sneak peek at the all new AiRRUS "Tradition"

Innovation: Chief Designer and President of AiRRUS, Ken Whiting, doesn't just build a mediocre rods, he builds some of the most innovative tackle the industry has ever seen. AiRRUS is known for their eye catching designs that really measure up in terms of performance and outstanding value; and has been recognized on multiple occasions for ICAST Best of Show and TackleTour Editor's Choice Awards. It is this dazzling innovation, and employment of unique design techniques that makes AiRRUS rods what it is today.


What's new?: Through covert operations we were able to sneak a peek at what Ken is planning to unveil in ICAST in July. Not an easy task, but our mission truly paid off, when we uncovered the most innovative fishing rod we have ever set our eyes on, bar none.


A high quality fly reel seat is housed in the grip when in spinning mode and extends when in fly fishing mode


While our undercover camera wasn't able to do the new AiRRUS "Tradition" rod justice, it does allow us to supply a first look at a truly stirring rod that will accommodate an exceptionally wide range of applications. This original rod is nothing like we've ever seen before, and it made our jaws drop as we got a closer look. This rod features a unique blank and rod design that sports zero cork or Hypalon. It's built like no other with an inimitable shape, reddish in color, and incredibly attractive and refined in design. The Tradition is not just one novel rod, but actually two-in-one! Not only is the rod a refined 6ft medium action spinning rod, but it also pulls double duty as a 3 piece 9ft. fly fishing rod!


How can this be possible? As you can tell by the pictures we captured, the fly rod comes in 3 pieces and the hidden fly reel seat unlocks from the end of the butt of the rod and slides out, then locks in place.  Attach your fly reel and you are now ready for some serious fly fishing.


Using two special rings, the spinning reel can be attached Tennessee style


The spinning rod employs the same handle or bottom section of the Tradition, but take off the top two fly rod sections and attach a spinning rod tip to complete this 6ft spinning rod. This 2 piece spinning rod makes use of two rings on the grip to attach the reel in a Tennessee style and can be placed in any desired handle position.


Also discovered during our covert operation is a 1 piece 6'6" rod that uses the same blank and design of the Tradition. From our initial visual inspection the one piece graphic design is likely to be both extremely light, and because the grip is actually the actual graphite it will expected to be exceedingly sensitive, absolutely perfect for those anglers looking for the ultimate finesse fishing rig.


This rod is a combination of spinning and fly fishing.  Simply extend the fly reel seat and attach the fly reel and your ready to toss some streamers


Conclusion: TackleTour's Undercover team hit the jackpot this time by uncovering the ultimate in multipurpose rod design. From what we can perceive thus far, there is no doubt that AiRRUS is going to take the industry by storm yet again, and we can't wait to get the opportunity to hold one of these unique rods at the ICAST show in July. As details develop we will be sure to report more information about this AiRRUS Tradition, it's specifications, and when we can expect these electrifying rods on the market. While the AiRRUS "Tradition" may be built with all the quality and style of a traditional fly rod, there simply isn't anything traditional about its show stopping design!









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