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Apparel Review


The Go-To Sun Protection Garment for Hot Weather - Aftco's Samurai 2 Hooded Shirt


Date: 8/9/20
Tackle type: Apparel
Manufacturer: Aftco
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 9.0 - EXCELLENT

Introduction: Leveraging their existing design expertise and global supply distribution Aftco has continued to develop and introduce technical fishing garments, or lifestyle-crossover pieces, that can easily be used across a wide range general outdoor pursuits. The Samurai Series of garments are one such series, and building upon the success of the original the company has now rolled out a second generation hoodie shirt which utilizes new fabrics and styling that are designed to improve comfort for those long days on the water.


Aftco Samurai 2 Sun Protection Hooded Shirt Specifications

Material Polyester/Spandex
Sizes S,M,L,XL,XXL, 3XL
Colors 5+
Features Built-in hood, 92% polyester/8% spandex, Antimicrobial treatment for odor control, AFBLOCK UPF 50 sun protection, AFCOOL quick dry, moisture wicking, AFGUARD stain resistance
Origin China
MSRP $38.99 (TackleWarehouse.com)


Impressions: Aftco is a family owned and operated company that has been developing saltwater fishing tackle products and apparel for sixty years. Worn all over the world the brand has been recognized for both their quality in design and construction as well as their commitment to conservation initiatives to protect and ensure sustainable fisheries in the future.


Aftco has taken the fishing garment world by storm and has continued to deliver technical garments for the complete range of anglers. The Samurai 2 is designed to be a go-anywhere fishing shirt


A few seasons ago the company decided to expand their offerings and branch into the freshwater fishing applications, and especially the ever-growing bass fishing market. Since that transition Aftco has rapidly grown their freshwater portfolio, and one of the areas where they are particular strong in is sun protective performance shirts and hoodies. The original Samurai hooded shirt was designed to provide strong protection from the sun, stay cool while wicking away moisture on those very hot days, and provide all day comfort while fishing.


The Samurai 2 builds on the original and offers the same reliable sun protection with a new 92% polyester and 8% spandex blend

This season Aftco introduced their second generation of this garment, the Samurai 2, which delivers the same UPF 50 level of sun protection of the original but makes use of a 92% polyester/8% spandex construction and a newly created cut that is designed to provide a greater range of motion for movements such as casting and hooksets.


The shirt has become my go-to shirt for bass fishing

Real World Tests: Iíve learned the best way to test apparel is to simply live in them for an extended period. I used to try and replicate situations and environments but found the only way to really get a complete feel for how well a garment performs, and just how comfortable they are, is to wear them as much as possible both on and off water.


The Samurai 2 offers excellent stretch for all day casting comfort, and quick sets and landings

I did exactly that with the Aftco Samurai 2 hooded shirts, and they have been my primary sun-protection garments on many bass fishing trips throughout the last season, as well as hiking and off-road trips from California to the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Which was the last long range trip that I was able to partake in prior to the onset of the current pandemic. Since that time I've taken a number of road trips, and the Samurai 2 shirt has been a primary fishing and outdoor piece in my kit.


Need more sun protection for your neck and head? The Samurai 2's integrated hood has you covered

Operation: The moment you pick up the Aftco Samurai 2, or Sam2 as I like to call it, you can tell this is a garment designed for warm weather conditions, as the entire garment feels very lightweight. The Sam2 also feels noticeably more flexible than the original due to the blend of 8% spandex, versus the original Samurai garment which is constructed from 100% polyester.


That extra bit of spandex gives the shirt a lighter more flexible feel

I immediately liked the updated more generous modern style cut, but found that it is definitely true to size. A medium is a true-to-size medium and while it is more generous in the arms and rib sections it definitely looks and feels like a medium-sized garment. Anglers should take this fit into consideration when selecting the size.


The hood is light and unstructured so a cap is a nice addition to keep it in place

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