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Apparel Review


AFTCO's Jason Christie Signature Hooded Sunshirt is a Winner


Date: 3/11/22
Tackle Type: Apparel
Manufacturer: AFTCO
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.50 - EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD

I had the opportunity to spend a little time on the boat with Jason Christie prior to his recent Bassmaster Classic win on Lake Hartwell. Shortly after I stepped onto Christie's boat, I noticed he was wearing an AFTCO shirt, but it wasn't like any other I had seen so I asked him about it. Turns out he was wearing a late model prototype of a his very own signature shirt. I was intrigued but it wasn't until this Spring that I could finally get my hands on one to wear and test out for myself. Here's our look at AFTCO's Jason Christie Signature Shirt.


Jason Christie introducing us to his signature shirt


AFTCO Jason Christie Hooded LS Performance Shirt Specifications

Material 92% Polyester / 8% Elastane Heathered Performance Knit
Sizes Small through 3x-Large
Colors Three
Features Antimocrobial Odor Treatment, UPF 50, AFGUARD 3M stain release, Thumbloops
Origin China
MSRP $49.00

Trying out Christie's shirt for myself

Impressions: If you're familiar with AFTCO's Ninja or Samurai sun shirts, you'll notice their Jason Christie shirt is almost the same with the one different being a zipper at the base of the hoodie. This zipper closes the hood around your face for a secure, but loose fit eliminating the need for a neck gator. The shirt is available in three colors and in sizes from small to three times extra large.


Kinda liking how this zippered hoodie goes on easy and yet locks out the sun

Real World Tests: I'd been eyeing inventory on this shirt since October of 2018 and finally was able to get my hands on one (or actually two) in late February. It has been my sunshirt of choice ever since.

The shirt itself allows for good freedom of movement

Fit: I'm between sizes when it comes to shirts and jackets. For my outerwear, I go with a medium, while cotton t-shirts, I prefer a large. With sunshirts, I find going back to medium fits me the best so it's sometimes difficult to dial into a shirt size unless I know the manufacturer. For the Jason Christie shirt, I ordered both a large and a medium and it turns out this shirt is like most other sunshirts - the medium fit me the best.

I later discovered, there's a pocket at the top of the hood to fit over the bill of your hat if you want to pull the hood down further than what's shown here. Notice how the side of the oversized hood wraps around the face area, this design helps reduce glare coming from the reflection of the water

Sun Protection: Like all of AFTCO's sunshirts, their Jason Christie shirt is made with a sun protection factor of 50. It's difficult to wrap your head around such a thin, airy fabric providing you with the protection you need, but the Jason Christie shirt performs very well. I've worn it on several trips without applying sunblock to any covered areas and have had no ill effects.

Elastic band thumb loops

It's All About That Hood: Naturally, what sets this shirt apart from the others is that unique hood design. At the base of the hood is a zipper, that when closed, effectively wraps your head in the shirt material. It's not a tight fit, however, so air still flows in and around, and your ears are not pressed up tight against fabric, so hearing is not affected.

There's a pocket at the front of the shirt...

When closed, the zipper brings the hoodie to wrap around your chin and you can adjust it to just about cover your lips. It will not cover your nose though, so sunblock is still required for your nose and cheeks if you want full protection. Zander combos this shirt up with a face gaiter from Buff or FatBass so that he can deploy the hood or wear it down and still enjoy face protection.

It would make a perfect spot to stow your cell phone, but some of today's larger screens will not fit all the way in

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