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Lure Review

VPR-PRO LBM spinnerbait with Titanium Nitenol wire

Date: 1/29/02
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Competitive Edge
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.25

Introduction: Once again the Little Big Man makes a big move!  At the end of January 2001 Competitive Edge Fishing introduced the new VPR Pro LBM spinnerbait with surgical grade Titanium Nitenol wire.  See how the new LBM compares to the original LBM.

VPR Pro LBM Titanium Spinnerbait, Double Willow Specifications

Colors/Patterns 4 available with Double Willow
Blade Shape Willow
Blade Colors Gold and Nickel combinations
Weight 1/4 - 3/4oz.
Features Anti-roll head, long shank wide gap hook, STAY-ON skirt keeper, chip resistant paint, stainless steel ball bearing swivel, Titanium Nitenol wire
MSRP $8.99

Impressions: Some people say that the replacement of the metal wire with Titanium on the spinnerbait is like graphite taking the place of fiberglass rods.  Others say that it is just a hype.  I have been fishing spinnerbaits for a long time now, but this is the first time I will be taking a close look at the Titanium wire spinnerbait.  I compared the 1/2oz. LBM Titanium Nitenol spinnerbait to its sibling, the original 1/2oz. LBM in double willow.  Aside from the Titanium wire there really isn't any major physical differences. 


The surgical grade Titanium Nitenol wire improves the durability and life of the LBM

Tests: Being a spinnerbait that took after it's sibling with all the same features except the material of the wire, how does the VPR Pro Little Big Man Titanium perform?  The first thing I did once I received the spinnerbait was to tie it into a knot and see if the Titanium Nitenol wire was durable enough, AND would the wire bounce right back to the original form.  The answer is yes, the wire is strong enough for me to bend it in many different ways, and the spinnerbait kept it's shape after all the punishment.


Trying to distort the Titanium Nitenol wire, but not successful...after letting go the wire returned to its natural shape instantly!


Complete Rig for the LBM Titanium Nitenol

Rod Competitive Edge RR6S7
Reel Shimano Chronarch 100A
Line 10lb Stren Easy Cast


After stressing the Titanium wire you might think that it has been weaken and might even break when used.  My next test takes me to the waters.  I fished the LBM Titanium the same way I did to the original LBM.  The performance is very similar, but there are some noticeable differences.  The LBM Titanium vibrates harder compared to the thin metal wire.  Also when fishing in heavy cover the spinnerbait does not flow through as smoothly as the metal wire LBM due to the flexibility of the Titanium wire.


I ran similar tests with the original LBM, where I would throw the spinnerbait on-shore or at structure such as rocks or submerged trees, hit that hard surface, and let the spinnerbait drop into the water.  If you recall from that test the thin metal wire on the LBM bent out of shape.  Well, that problem has been fixed by the Titanium Nitenol wire.  I tossed and tossed many more times, but the new LBM Titanium just wouldn't bend out of shape.  This is one big bonus by using Titanium Nitenol wire.  No tuning is require and it's durable!


After a few more days of fishing and landing a few good size largemouth bass with the same spinnerbait there were almost no damage caused except the slight chips on the paint which is considered good for the beating it took from my tests trying to kill the Titanium Nitenol wire.  After more fishing stress, I again took the spinnerbait and tied it into a knot.  Same result as before... no change in shape.



LBM Titanium Double Willow Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Built tough with good material and the Titanium Nitenol wire is durable! 9
Performance Blades always run true and vibrates loud.  Great for open water and little structure, but not good in heavy cover 8
Price The addition of Titanium Nitenol increases the price, but this spinnerbait will last longer 7
Features Sampo silky smooth ball bearing swivel and Titanium Nitenol wire 8
Design (Ergonomics) Created like it's sibling with one improvement 8.5
Application Works like a true spinnerbait without tuning 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Titanium Nitenol L Not good in heavy cover
J No more tuning!  
J Sampo ball bearing swivel  
J Durable paint  
J Vibrates loudly  

Conclusion: To sum up the results the VPR Pro Little Big Man Titanium is a little bigger than it's original.  After many hours of stress and punishment, the LBM Titanium still ran true and held it's shape.  This spinnerbait might not perform well in heavy cover, but it excels in open water.  Some say that Titanium spinnerbaits break easily, but not the surgical grade Titanium Nitenol wire.  This is what makes the VPR Pro Titanium spinnerbaits unique and it's a "must see it, to believe it" product.


Have fun and keep on fishin!










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