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Rod Review

Versatile casting performance with a single rod!

Date: 9/7/01
Tackle type: Rod
Manufacturer: GLoomis
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.5

Introduction: GLoomis produces a rod for every occasion but owning a collection of rods from this premium manufacturer is by no means cheap. For those who love casting GLoomis produces the MBR783C which seeks to satisfy a complete range of casting applications with a single high performance rod.


Gary Loomis MBR783C (IMX) Specifications

Material Modulus Graphite (IMX)
Length 6'6"
Weight 4.23oz
Rating Med-Heavy
Colors Grey Graphite
Action Fast
Recommended Line 4-8lb
Lure Handling wt. Range 1/4-3/4oz
MSRP $227.00

The MBR783 comes in all 4 GLoomis flavors from GL2 to GLX. I chose to test the IMX not because it rests in the middle of the line but because in my opinion the IMX line is where GLoomis rods really begin to differ from other rods in the market in terms of construction and quality. The MBR783 is no exception. The IMX modulus graphite construction makes for a very sensitive rod. One test that I always perform on rods is a telegraph test. This test allows an Angler to see just how sensitive a rod is. Get a partner and hold the rod one hand exactly like you would while fishing and place the tip right on your partner's neck and ask him to talk. On super sensitive rods you can actually feel the sound vibrations from speaking alone! In this test the IMX sensitivity was incredible!


The 783's stiff rod blank allows Anglers to cast a wide range of lures from jigs to spinnerbaits with confidence and ease


For the casting and real world tests I paired the 783 with a Shimano Chronarch, and spooled up with 10lb Stren Easy Cast.

Complete Rig for MBR783C

Rod GLoomis MBR783C
Reel Shimano Chronarch 100A
Line 10lb Stren Easy Cast

One interesting thing was the way in which the reel sits in the rod seat. The handle is actually engineered a bit higher then the blank so when the baitcaster is mounted it is actually lower profile on the rod, and thus reduces the distance your thumb needs to stretch to feather the spool. In addition another thing I noticed was how tight the reel actually held in the seat. This is because the 783 employs a metal ring to grasp the reel, which can be tightened much more then a rod that uses plastic rod seats or entire front grips that are used to hold reels down.

Real World Test:
The 783 fits into GLoomis's Mag Bass Rods which were originally designed to pitch jigs and worms for largemouth bass. The popularity of this line now expands to enthusiasts of pike, walleye, and even light saltwater fishing. 


The 783's rod seat is designed for perfect placement of baitcasters and a high quality metal ring is used to secure the reel

After a full day of casting I experienced very little fatigue using this rod for two reasons. First the 12 degree offset handle improved my ability to feather the reel and not overextend my wrist on casts. Second the rod has a very unique stiffness that allowed me to cast everything from light 1/4oz jigs to heavy spinnerbaits and cranks with ease. While the rod itself is considered stiff the tip of the rod is light and very quick, so whipping lures is possible. Because the 783 features this combination of a quick tip and stiff butt section casting range is good even with light lures.

In addition to great casting comfort is an area that the 783 addresses well with the entire handle made of high quality cork. Unlike foam, cork offers comfort as well as a rigid surface to grip when casting hard. Cork is also easy to wipe down or clean between uses.

The slightest vibrations are transferred through the IMX graphite to the exposed 1 inch cutout in the trigger exposing the blank, GLoomis calls this "Mag-Touch"

One of the major advantages of this rod is the amount of sensitivity you can get from a rod with this stiffness and power. Part of this comes from the rod being a single piece of graphite. In almost all cases I recommend using a single piece casting rod rather then a multiple piece because of sensitivity and strength. (Unless portability is one of your key concerns) The other part of the sensitivity equation comes from a cutout in front of the 783 trigger that actually exposes the blank to the Angler's index finger. This feature is called "Mag-Touch" by GLoomis and brings the Angler in physical contact with the blank for maximum sensitivity...so when you detect the slightest vibration you can make sure to get a quick and solid hook set.

Since my first day using this rod over 6 months ago I have landed many bass using a variety of lures. The versatility of this rod really shows through in the rod's ability to handle different lures while maintaining just the right amount of stiffness for landing trout to lunker sized bass.


GLoomis MBR783C Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality IMX Graphite and construction are nothing short of amazing 9
Performance The combination of a stiff base and fast tip make casting performance easy, and sensing subtle vibrations and strikes possible 9
Price This is an premium rod, and you'll have to pay for the opportunity to fish with one 6
Features The "Mag-Touch" and innovative offset rear cork handle make the 783 an advanced rod in terms of cutting edge features 9
Design (Ergonomics) Great design that lives up to the GLoomis brand name. Casting all day without fatigue says a lot about the ergonomics of this easy to use rod 9
Application Excellent versatility with a casting rod that can tackle multiple species with many lures 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Great construction L Premium Price
J Very good for many lures  
J "Mag-Touch" and cork handle  
J Versatile for many applications  

Conclusion: The 783 is a great rod, and GLoomis has produced a real winner in terms of versatile casting performance. The 783 IMX utilizes premium materials and a clever design to allow Anglers to make use of one rod that is flexible enough to tackle multiple applications and varying species of fish. Great features and excellent construction make the 783 a great choice for premium casting performance that you can use in almost all


Until next time....Tight Lines!









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