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Lure Review


Going With The Flow... Glider by 6th Sense Fishing


Date: 8/12/19
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: 6th Sense Fishing
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.75 - GOOD

Perhaps more than any other type of big profile bait, the two-piece glide bait has really taken off in recent years with some really intriguing and effective product. The downside of course, is the majority of these offerings take a big financial commitment to enjoy which in turn can have an effect on your actual enjoyment. 6th Sense has a solution for those who want to experience the thrill of working a glide bait, but do so within a relatively reasonable budget. Here's our look at their Flow Glider 130 glide bait.


6th Sense Flow Glider Specifications

Type Glide Bait
Length 130mm (~5.1 inches)
Weight 1.6oz
Sink Rate Medium Fast Sink
Material Hard Plastic
Colors 11
Hooks Unspecified
MSRP $19.99 - $22.99 depending on color


Introducing 6th Sense Fishing's Flow Glider


Impressions: 6th Sense's Flow Glider is a five inch (5") hard plastic bait in two pieces with a joint roughly in the middle of the bait. It is a typical screw eye and metal rod exposed joint but the two body pieces are very close together and movement between the halves is minimal. The bait has a hard plastic tail and two black nickel hooks of unspecified brand. The line tie is right at the tip of the bait's nose.

The Flow Glider is a 130mm (~5.1") bait

Real World Tests: I fished the Flow Glider on board Megabass's new F8-78X Mark 48 paired with a Shimano Bantam MGL spooled with 50lb Finatic Pro Series Braid. This bait is only just barely over one and a half ounces in weight so it doesn't take a super beefy rod to fish it. Still, the stick you choose needs to be a little more stout than your standard heavy powered casting rod. Even the Mark 48 is a little overkill for a bait like this, but it's good to have a beefy stick like this that can handle a smaller big bait because when that fish of significant size hits, you want the support.

 It's a two piece bait with joint right in the middle

Castability: Having said all that, the Flow Glider flies through the air in a pretty normal and predictable fashion. There are times the bait will tumble, and there are times it will fly true. This all depends on your casting motion and how smooth you are from back cast to follow through. There are no internal weights moving around to assist with the bait's trajectory.

The joint is somewhat restricted

Dive Time: Upon splashdown, the Flow Glider sinks at a rate of about one foot per one and a half seconds, so you can count the bait down to just about any desired depth. Keep in mind though, if you're fishing this bait on a line that tends to float like braid or nylon monofilament, it will follow the direction of your line and rise in the water column once you begin your retrieve.

The Flow Glider features a rigid tail

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