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Lure Review

The Elusive 22nd Century Bluegill Bait


Date: 9/12/11
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: 22nd Century
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.25 - GOOD

22nd Century has been at it for so long and is so well known for the Triple Trout that few tend to remember the company does make other baits. In 2009, we brought you our feature on the mythical Nezumma Rat and of course, back in 2007 we reviewed the renowned Triple Trout. The calendar has turned over to another odd year, so it must be that time again to pull another 22nd Century product out of our tackle box and show you what it's all about. Introducing our review of 22nd Century's Bluegill.


Introducing 22nd Century's Bluegill Swimbait.


22nd Century Bluegill Bait Specifications

Type BigBait
Depth Any
Class Sinking
Size (weight) 5" (1.25oz)
R.O.F. ~1 ft per second
Colors/Patterns We've seen up to four or five colors, but custom colors are often provided too
Hooks unknown brand
MSRP $80


Impressions: Anyone familiar with the Scott Whitmer's creations knows that his baits are based more on function than form. The Triple Trout is a loose interpretation of a trout's silhouette, but there is no denying the bait's effectiveness. Similarly, his bluegill bait would probably never be mistaken by another bluegill as a mating partner but the bait's oversized eyes, compact form, and sunfish-like profile are true to that 22nd Century mystique.


As you can see, this bait shares the same joints and "realism" as its sister bait, the Triple Trout.


The bait comes with a traditional two joint construction, stainless hardware throughout, a replaceable, soft plastic tail, swivels at the hook eyelets, and the traditional, bronze wire hooks. We usually replace these with Owner ST-41 or ST-56 hooks.

Only the joints in the bluegill seem even more flexible.

Field Tests: The 22nd Century Bluegill measures just five short inches and weighs right around one and a quarter ounces. It is small by big bait standards and compact enough to toss on just about any heavy powered or stronger bass rod. If you're careful, you can even get by with a medium heavy bass rod.

This bait really twists around for an even more compact size making it easy for fish to engulf.

My weapon of choice when tossing this bait is my Megabass F6-72X4 Destruction or FX-711X4 Seven Eleven. Given this bait's size and relatively light weight, I like fishing it on nylon monofilament like Sunline's new Supernatural mono.

It comes stock with the same no-name brass hooks and swiveling hook eyes.

Action: I fished this bait both tied directly and with a snap. I prefer to tie direct to this bait when possible. For some reason, this bait's swimming action is much more consistent when tied direct and it is naturally wide enough to where the freedom of movement provided with a proper snap is not necessary.

The tail section of the bait has a lot of freedom to move.

While the joints on this bait afford it the movement to do any number of standard, hardbait tricks like veering off left or right, turning 180 degrees, etc.., I actually prefer to fish this bait straight up on a steady retrieve with occasional pauses.

The 22nd Century Bluegill comes with oversized eyes.

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