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Holiday Gift Guide


2017 Holiday Gift Guide (Part1): Reels and Rods


Date: 11/23/17
Tackle Type: Various
Manufacturer: Various
Reviewer: Team TackleTour



Introduction: It is that time again, when we are challenged with thinking of the many creative ways to repurpose leftover turkey and our attention turns to the winter holidays. The holiday buying season is only further jumpstarted with the madness that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday and this year marks the return of our Holiday Gift Guide with picks across the wide array of product categories for that special angler on your list, or that well earned reward for yourself. Let's kick things off with our HGG 2017 picks across the reel and rod categories with some help from Riley.


Riley introduces this year's Casting Reel Pick : Shimano Curado 200K


Freshwater Casting Reel (Shimano Curado 200K) : There is no more recognizable casting reel in the Shimano baitcasting lineup than the venerable Curado. This series has become the workhorse reel for generations of anglers and the current iteration, the K Series, is arguably the best ever. You might not recognize the matte black finish but the Curado 200K ushers in a new level of performance and refinement for the series including the latest in MicroModule gearing and X-Ship technology to improve retrieve performance and durability. The series has dark green and gold highlights on the spool tension knob and spool to channel previous generations but the performance offered by this $179 dollar reel is more akin a premium reel than a mainstream offering.


Anglers looking for an everyday baitcaster that delivers performance well beyond the 200 dollar price point should definitely consider the new Curado.


The 200K is available in a wide range of retrieve speeds ranging from 6.2:1 to 8.5:1 at TackleWarehouse.


Finesse Casting & Workhorse Reel : Daiwa Tatula SV TWS


Finesse Casting Reel (Daiwa Tatula SV TWS) : To say that we like the Daiwa Tatula SV would be an understatement. This reel brings all the goodness from Daiwa's latest generation T-Wing system and aluminum SV spool together in an affordable package that makes this reel perform so well across the spectrum that it really does encroach on Zillion territory.


Delivering an excellent blend of features, performance, and just the right amount of "bling" styling with that gorgeous finish, the Daiwa Zillion SV TWS feels just at home working big baits as it does fishing finesse presentations.


The Tatula is available now at TackleWarehouse for $199 dollars each. Choosing between this reel and the Curado 200K is tough, but you can't go wrong with either option. If you haven't given a modern Daiwa T-Wing reel a try yet this is a great one to jump on!

Cranking Reel : Shimano Chronarch MGL

Cranking Reel (Shimano Chronarch MGL): Given the lowest gear ration available is 6.2:1, traditionalists (including Cal) will likely balk at this year's choice in cranking reel. But part of what we look for in a cranking reel is the ability to launch a bait and the power - regardless of retrieve ratio - to work that bait back to the boat or your place along the shoreline cast after cast after cast. With those qualifications in mind, Shimano's Chronarch MGL, with its micro-module brass gearing and coveted MGL spool, answers that call and more. Still made in Japan, this reel remains one of our favorites from the 2017 review season and is available at TackleWarehouse for $279.99.

Swimbait Reel : Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast

Swimbait Reel (Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast): Big bait reels are all about line capacity, castability, and raw power and among our favorites in this category remains Abu Garcia's Revo Toro Beast. Available in two gear ratios and shipped with three handle options, it makes an incredible big bait combo when paired with Abu's Fantasista Beast FB79-6 and can double as a reel for inshore conquests as well. The Revo Toro Beast retails for $349.99 at TackleWarehouse.

Saltwater Reel : Shimano Tranx

Saltwater Reel (Shimano Tranx) : Though the original Tranx was designed for saltwater use the series has undergone a major upgrade and has now been re-sized for both saltwater and freshwater use.


The Tranx is all about power, more power than you will ever likely need, but the kind of raw power that you are glad you possessed when that apex predator explodes on the end of your line.


The Tranx reels come loaded with X-Ship, HEG gearing, and all within an all metal (HAGANE) frame to translate every bit of winding power into results. Designed for everything from largemouth to Peacock Bass this reel is a big bait angler's dream. At the same time it can easily still pull double duty as an inshore or big iron reel. Retailing for $279-$299 dollars at TackleWarehouse the Tranx is a great choice for anglers looking to do battle with big fish.

Value Casting Reel : Lew's American Hero

Value Casting Reel (Lew's American Hero) : Why are all these reel picks so expensive? The Lew's American Hero bucks that trend delivering solid performance at a great price. This low profile baitcaster features a composite frame and sideplates but still feels solid and confident in hand, and comes loaded with five premium double shielded stainless steel bearings, a forged aluminum spool, and even an externally adjustable magnetic cast control system. That is a lot of reel for only $59.99 and as an added bonus you can feel good knowing that Lew's pledged a portion of the profits from each and every reel sold goes to select programs that benefit the mind, sprit, and body of American Veterans, so that they too can experience and enjoy the great outdoors.


Freshwater Spinning Reel : Abu Garcia Revo X


Freshwater Spinning Reel (Abu Revo X) : Looking for a spinning reel that successfully blends style and performance together in an affordable package? Your search can end with the new Revo X, a stealthy looking murdered out reel that features a carbon body design.


The Abu Revo X spinning reel likes like it should cost nearly twice as much and delivers excellent casting and line pickup with the company's Rocket Line Management System which combined spool design, oscillation system, and bail angle design to improve control for all types of line.


So what will the Revo X set you back? Try only $99 dollars at TackleWarehouse, making it a great gift for any angler in need of a quality spinning reel. 


Saltwater Spinning : Quantum Smoke S3 Inshore

Saltwater Spinning Reel (Quantum Smoke S3 Inshore): When Quantum introduced their EXO series of reels over five years ago, they demonstrated to us that they were serious about upping their game. At this past year's ICAST, the manufacturer reinforced this commitment with the introduction of Series 3 (S3) - a re-engineering and re-imaging of their entire lineup. Highlighted within this re-imaging was their popular Smoke series of casting and spinning reels and the one that really caught our attention was the Smoke S3 Inshore spinning reel. Available in three different sizes, this little powerhouse showed a lot of promise and is in our queue for closer inspection post ICAST. In the meantime, at $179.99, it easily makes our Gift Guide list for Saltwater Spinning Reel and is available right now at TackleWarehouse.

Value Spinning Reel : ONE3 Creed K

Value Spinning Reel (ONE3 Creed K) : It may not be the fanciest reel out there but the ONE3 Creed spinning reel from 13 Fishing is certainly among the best values available. It isn't hard to make a cheap spinning reel, just keep stripping away the features or downgrade the materials.


The ONE3 is not one of those value reels that you fish a few times and isn't worth the line you spool on. No, the ONE3 Creed K is a reel that is still built with quality materials and tight tolerances, and a decent drag capable of doling out over 10lbs. smoothly, all of which adds up to a spinning reel that is more than just functional, but something you will actually want to fish.


Retailing at only $49.99 at TackleWarehouse for all sizes (1000-4000) this series enables anglers to tackle everything from trout and panfish to largemouth and steelhead. Not bad for under 50 bucks!


Next Section: Great rod options for 2017...









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