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Holiday Gift Guide

2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: Something for the Salt and Angling Apparel (continued)


Angling Lifestyle Apparel (Bass Brigade): For most of our readers fishing is not something that you just "do" once in a while, it is a passion, something that is part of who you are. It is for those passionate anglers that Bass Brigade creates their line of uncompromising lifestyle apparel that has a clean signature style and looks equally as good on the water as it does just getting around town.

Looking for a great way to sport your love for fishing?

Bass Brigade's mission is simple, "Uniting the world's passionate bass anglers through lifestyle, apparel and design." Born out Modesto, CA and out of the California Delta the team at Bass Brigade continually comes out with slick looking designs, that are bold and clever.

Bass Brigade makes some great lifestyle apparel specifically for anglers

While their Bass Brigade Shield Logo apparel is probably the most recognizable they have plenty of other designs that evoke nostalgia among anglers, examples of this include their shirts that simply say "Lunkers," and easily one of our favorites a shirt that features the impactful statement "THE WATER IS MY STADIUM."

Angling Lifestyle Apparel : Bass Brigade - $24.99 to $29.99 at TackleWarehouse

Bass Brigade apparel not only looks good but feels great as well with use of quality fabrics throughout and excellent overall construction. This kit makes excellent gifts as the hats and shirts are very reasonably priced at only $24.99 each at TackleWarehouse.


Fishing Shirt : Huk Gear Kryptek - $49.99

Fishing Shirt (Huk Gear Kryptek): More and more anglers are learning the benefit of wearing angler specific wardrobe - or really, apparel made for being out in the elements. Fishing shirts and pants with some type of Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) simply keep you more comfortable on warm days while protecting your skin from the sun. Relatively new garment manufacturer on the block, Huk Gear made a lot of noise last year at ICAST when the began signing the l likes of Skeet Reese and Kevin Van Dam to their prostaff. Most recently, blue fin tuna captain and Wicked Tuna's own Dave Maricano has been fishing Huk Gear with great success. Our pick for this year's gift guide is their Kryptek, long sleeve base layer retailing for $49.99. Huk Gear Store Locator.

Under Armour's new Ridge Reaper Gear is designed to keep you dry in a deluge

Foul Weather Gear (Under Armour Ridge Reaper): It really doesn't matter the sport, Under Armour is a apparel and gear brand to be reckoned with, and now the global company is offering premium foul weather gear designed specifically for anglers. The Ridge Reaper jacket and rain bibs were created for competitive anglers looking for a highly technical and yet supremely comfortable piece of kit that is designed to keep you dry in even the worst of conditions. 

Foul Weather Gear : Under Armour Ridge Reaper Jacket - $399 and Bib $349 at TackleWarehouse

The Ridge Reaper Series features a strategically bonded fabrication and 20k/20k rating which essentially translates to these garments are 100% waterproof and still very breathable. The jacket and bib sport some very slick patterns with bright orange inserts and reflective branding. Large pockets provide ample storage and the jacket also features waterproof zipper pockets, passive ventilation, articulated arms, a drop down hood, and a useful hypalon kill switch attachment. The Ridge Reaper bibs are equally as impressive and extend all the way up your chest for maximum wind and water protection, come with a removable belt, knee high leg zips, and also has convenient pockets in the chest and for your hands. The Ridge Reaper Jacket retails for $399 dollars and the bibs are $349 dollars at TackleWarehouse, and while they are undoubtedly a major investment they are designed to provide hard core anglers with season of after season of protection, ensuring that nothing stands in between you and your next catch.

Foul Weather Gloves : Simms ProDry Glove - $99.95 at TackleWarehouse

Foul Weather Gloves (Simms ProDry Gloves): So you have a great foul weather jacket and rain bib, now how about your hands? Fishing during the winter can be absolutely brutal when your hands are frozen. Simms offers their toughest glove yet with the new ProDry Series, which is essentially two gloves in one. Inside the fully waterproof Gore-Tex shell is a stretch fleece line glove that adds extra comfort and warmth. The liner is a glove in itself and can be used standalone with the half finger design, providing anglers with direct contact to lines for tying knots and detecting the most subtle bites. When the weather turns or it comes time to make that run to the next destination the Gore-Tex outer gloves shield anglers from wind and water, and still remain highly breathable. We tried out the gloves in the field and even though they are thick they still provide surprising dexterity and grip by being very flexible and incorporating goat leather accents to provide a firm grip on reels and rods. The Simms ProDry is the most technical fishing glove on the market and retails for $99.95 dollars at TackleWarehouse.

Rapala introduces a sleek new tool with plenty of useful features just for anglers

Fishing Tool (Rapala Fisherman's Multi-Tool): Most fishing tools look like a fancy pair of snips or pliers but the Rapala Fisherman's Multi-Tool aspires to be more by providing the most commonly used tools is a sleek and convenient package. Built out of die-cast metal the tool is fitted with soft rubber grips for better handling and is always within quick reach with the convenient carabineer clip. 

Fishing Tool : Rapala Fisherman's Multi-Tool - $17.99 at TackleWarehouse

Slide the handle down and outwards to reveal the retractable line scissors, which is rated for superlines. There is a retractable jig buster on top and a multi-size line threader that works by simply inserting the lure's eye into the tool and sliding your line through the cone. Two slots handle the most common line-tie sizes. To top it all off a beverage wrench makes quick work of any bottled beverages. This tool makes an excellent gift for under 20 dollars, $17.99 to be exact, at TackleWarehouse.

Watercraft Accessory : T-H Marine Banshee Trailer Alarm Lock - $29.99 at TackleWarehouse

Trailer Accessory (T-H Marine Banshee): Looking to gift some added security? T-H Marine offers an innovative new boat, trailer, and property lock that is equipped with a vibration activated 110 decibel alarm, which pretty much pretty much explains the product name. The lock is well built and has a large enough loop with the right diameter to accommodate most trailer couplers. The Banshee can also easily be deactivated when your trailer is on the move, or simply used as a normal lock. The Banshee is weather proof and comes with three security keys, and though we are not yet sure just how good battery life is we have been using our test lock for half a season now with no issues. This hi-tech lock retails for $29.99 at TackleWarehouse

Marine Accessory : Hydrowave H2 - $469.99 at

Marine Accessory (Hydrowave): Hunters use game calls when in pursuit of their quarry so why not fishermen? The idea is certainly not new, and while we're not clear on what happened to the original company with this product, Biosonix, Hydrowave has taken over their place with a device that easily mounts to your boat and trolling motor so you can have an extra edge out on the water. The device emits sound waves and vibrations into the water through a speaker that mounts onto the shaft of your trolling motor. These sounds are intended to stimulate game fish into a feeding mode akin to when you watch cooking shows on TV and get hungry. We hope to try out one of these devices in the coming year, but in the meantime, the Hydrowave H2 sells for $469.99 and is available at TackleWarehouse.

Thanks to all of our great readers for another fantastic year and for joining us on our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide! May your holiday season be filled with some great tackle and plenty of lunkers!









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