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Apparel Review

Make Your Own Luck in the Long Sleeve 13 Fishing Shield Shirt


Date: 5/29/14
Tackle Type: Apparel
Manufacturer: 13 Fishing
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Total Score: 7.91 - GOOD

In just a couple of years, 13 Fishing has made quite a splash in the fishing industry. Manufacturing rods and reels for everything from bass fishing to ice fishing, the quality and value of what they offer has resulted in them enjoying rapid growth. Like many companies, 13 Fishing also offers an array of apparel to keep you looking good on the water.  From hats to jackets, the surprisingly large selection looks young, hip, and fresh. Weighing all of our options, we decided to select the long sleeve Shield shirt to see if it fits our strict criteria for comfort and style!


13 Fishing Long Sleeve Shield Shirt Specifications

Material “Flexcast” breathable fabric
Sizes Small–XXL
Colors Light gray/dark gray combination
Features UV blocking, moisture wicking/white logos and lettering on front and back
Origin Taiwan
MSRP $36.99 (at Tackle Warehouse)

Layered up (shown) or alone, this shirt looks great.

Impressions: Just like the rods that 13 Fishing produces, the Shield shirt features a clean design that should appeal to many anglers. The shirt features very tasteful light gray long sleeves with a dark gray body portion. The combination not only looks great, but it will likely match very well with a jacket or pair of pants you already own.

The upper part of the back features 13 Fishing's catchy phrase “Make Your Own Luck” along with their small logo.

The shirt is adorned with white logos and text that contrasts very well against the gray coloration. On the lower left portion of the front, you'll find the familiar 13 Fishing logo that is so large it can be seen from quite a distance. While it's not too big, I personally wouldn't mind seeing the logo done a bit smaller to keep the advertising more low-key. On the reverse side of the shirt, a much smaller version of the same logo along with 13 Fishing's slogan “Make Your Own Luck” is visible on the upper back. Not to be forgotten, another small logo can be found on the outside of the right arm. Overall, the styling is casual, attractive, and looks good whether you're on the water or heading out for a stimulating day of shopping at the mall.

This speckled trout decided to have a closer look at the Shield shirt.

The long sleeve Shield shirt is constructed out of  “Flexcast” breathable fabric. What's that, you ask? I wondered that myself, until I noticed that 100-percent polyester is indicated on the inside of the neck line. This fabric makes the shirt breathable, moisture wicking, stretchy, and even offers protection from UV rays. I give the garment high ratings in the quality department, as the stitching is all very clean and strong when pulled on.

Upon closer inspection, the fabric exhibits a bit of a waffle weave pattern.

Real World Tests: We purchased the 13 Fishing Shield Shirt directly from Tackle Warehouse and subjected the garment to a barrage of intense tests that included sky diving, bull fighting, and climbing Mt. Everest. Ok, I'm sure I didn't fool anyone with that, so I'll come clean and say that I wore this shirt casually around town as well as on a few fishing trips.

The sleeves are cut nicely and there's no unsightly hanging fabric.

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