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PRODUCTTPREVIEW : TnT Baits Wadda Bomb Jig

Date: 9/29/08
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: TnT Baits
Reviewer: Cal





Introduction: In 2006, we brought you our review of TnT Bait's new product, the Wadda Jig. This hand tied, custom designed jig has quickly become a staple on the California Delta where co-creator, Andy "Cooch" Cuccia spends the majority of his fishing time. In fact, during the late winter, early spring of 2008, Cooch was unstoppable boating over twenty double digit bass, the great majority of them coming on the original Wadda Jig. Now Cooch and TnT Baits proprietor, Troyce Taylor, have the next evolution of their original jig ready to detonate: Introducing the Wadda Bomb.

Introducing TnT Baits answer to the big bait phenomenon, the Wadda Bomb.

The Wadda Bomb: We caught up with "Cooch" on the California Delta for an introduction to TnT's answer to the big bait phenomenon, the Wadda Bomb, a half ounce jig with an extra-long skirt and upsized hook built to entice summer and fall run bass into the boat.


Andy "Cooch" Cucchia, a fixture on the Calfornia Delta shows us the Wadda Bomb.

The Wadda Bomb (left) in black/blue next to the original Wadda in black.

Cooch pulled out a stash of these new baits from his bait locker explaining that the key to this bait is all in the slow rate of fall resulting from its extra long skirt. The drag created by this exra-long skirt slows the rate of decent of this half ounce lure just enough to entice strikes when other jigs, including the original Wadda, just aren't doing the job.


TnT Baits Wadda Jig Specifications

  Head Style MSRP Sizes Colors
Wadda Jig Arkie TBD 1/2 ounce only Black/Blue : Brown/Purple


The "Bomb" will be available in two colors, brown/purple and black/blue. Here you can get a sense of the size difference between the Bomb and the original Wadda.


Cooch explains, "I'll pitch or flip this jig right up to the base of the tules and hop it out back to the boat slowly, about twenty to twenty five feet. I'll either get hit within two seconds of the bait hitting the water, or the fish will take it right next to the boat. They seem to follow this jig out from the cover and finally, can't help themselves. I can't count how many times I've readied myself to pull the bait up from the bottom, then 'DOINK!' There she is!"


The Bomb (left) features an upsized hook.


Another look at the extraordinarily long skirt of the Wadda Bomb.


The Wadda Bomb is intended as a flipping and pitching jig and with its Arkie style head, just like the original, it is well suited for both applications. Its larger profile is a welcomed change of pace not only from standard jigs, but for big bait tossers who want to slow things down, yet stay true to their go big mantra.


Up close, the head and weed guard remain the same of course.


As does the quality, hand tied craftsmanship.


Availability: Following on in the tradition of how the original Wadda was introduced, the Wadda Bomb will be available in only two colors. However, these two colors will be different than the original offering of the Wadda Jig (which is now available in about 7 different color combinations). Instead of plain black or brown, the Wadda Bomb will come in both black/blue, and brown/purple - the two very favorite color combintations for the California Delta and Clear Lake.


Some of the typical jig fishing structure on the California Delta.

TnT Baits is still working out packaging and MSRP details of the Wadda Bomb which will be slightly more expensive than the standard Wadda Jig mostly due to the extra material for the skirt and larger hook, but expect it to fall somewhere in the $3.50 to $4.50 range. Initially the bomb will be available at only one retailer, the Hook, Line & Sinker in Oakley, CA (925-625-2441), but hopefully, as word spreads of this new offering, so will distribution.

Cooch demonstrates how to work the Bomb...


... and within 10 flips, pulls up this nice four pound largemouth.


Conclusion: Though the proving grounds for the Wadda Bomb has been during the summer and fall, don't discount this unusually large profile bait when the jig bite really turns on during winter and early spring - the typical season for big bait fishermen. With that bite fast approaching, the Bomb has the potential to put up some big limits of bass providing the angler with a big fish option in a very traditional style of bait.










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