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Stanley Jigs Refreshes Their Lineup


Date: 9/28/19
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Stanley Jigs/Hale Lures
Reviewer: Cal



Introduction: Back in August of 2014, Robert and William Hale of Hale Lure purchased a majority stake in Stanley Jigs, Inc., with the intent of revitalizing the brand's many products. Today, we take a look at some of the new and renewed product from Stanley Jigs and Hale Lures.

The new Slide 'N' Glide Pocket Worm features an air pocket molded right into the worm

Slide 'N' Glide Pocket Worm: Robert Hale, creator of the original Hale Craw designed this worm with an air chamber in the middle giving the worm a unique buoyancy. The Slide 'N' Glide Pocket worm can be fished unweighted where it will float and walk if twitched, or you can insert weights into the chamber to customize a rate of fall. Adjusting weight placement forward or back will change the angle in which the worm descends giving it that action for which it is named. The Slide 'N' Glide Pocket worm can also be fished in traditional methods in everything from drop shot to Carolina rigs.

The Black Magic Spinnerbait promises to be a favorite amongst night anglers

Black Magic Spinnerbait: Fishermen who prefer the moonlight to sun will appreciate the renewed Black Magic Spinnerbait with its large, single Colorado blade promising to produce a lot of thump and vibration as its slow rolled during the night. It is made from Stanley Jigs's patented VibraShaft wire and is available in half and three quarter ounce sizes in three different colors.

It's all about the extra-large Colorado blade

The Lil' Salty is built for saltwater environments

Lil' Salty: Don't let the Lil' Salty's size fool you. Based off the popular freshwater design, this spinnerbait is built to withstand the rigors of saltwater environments. Its corrosion resistant, .0375 inch titanium wire frame has been tested against 25 to 30 pound redfish in Louisiana and is effective for trout, flounder and other saltwater species too. It features the company's exclusive Wedge Blade and available in a variety of colors.

It features the company's exclusive Wedge blade

VibraShaft spinnerbaits gets a premium Colorado blade series

Vibra Shaft, Premium Colorado Blade Spinnerbaits: Available in single and double blade configurations, Stanley Jigs's Vibra Shaft spinnerbaits with premium Colorado blades move more water with less effort creating a commotion that is difficult for bass to resist. Stanley tapers the wire from the line tie down to the blade to effect maximum vibration while maintaining strength where you need it (between the line tie and hook). The deep cup Colorado blades put off a lot of vibration at more controlled speeds.

Shown here is a double Colorado blade option

Stanley introduces hand tied green pumpkin skirts to their jig lineup

Shown here is the green pumpkin/purple flake in the casting jig series

Green Pumpkin Skirt Jig Series: Stanley adds some new colors to their hand tied jigs. The new green pumpkin, green pumpkin/purple flake, and green pumpkin/gold flake are hand tied for better durability and flare. They will be available on the Original Casting Jig, Standup Football Jig, Big Nasty and Lil' Nasty Jigs and the company's SwimMax Jig.

This is the new green pumpkin/gold flake

Stanley Jigs and Hale Lures are poised to make an impression on a new generation of anglers

Conclusion: Stanley Jigs has been a mainstay in the industry since the late 1970's and early 1980's. It's reassuring to know the brand has not disappeared into obscurity. The renewed, hand tied jigs especially look very promising with their detailed paint schemes and carefully assembled skirts. With their jig prices averaging right around $4.50 and spinnerbaits hovering in the $7.00 - $9.00 range, Stanley Jigs and Hale Lures are poised to make an impression on a new generation of anglers.


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