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Lure Review



New Savage Gear 3D Minnow Wobbles for Walleye


Date: 2/28/18
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Savage Gear
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Here at TT we joke about all the horrors that the Savage Gear 3D scanner has been subjected to as the company continues to crank out bait after bait based on scans of actual prey. The latest in the never-ending lineup of baits based on three dimensional scanning is a minnow style diving crankbait that is created specifically to target Walleye.


Savage Gear's newest bait is designed to be Walleye candy

The new Savage Gear 3D Minnow features an elongated and bent profile which is designed to displace water and wobble enticingly as it is retrieved. This bait will be available in two sizes including a 3” bait that runs 4-8 feet and 3.75” version that runs 5-10 feet deep. Theses baits weigh in at 1/4oz and 5/8oz respectively.


The 3D Minnow is based on a scan of a minnow and features an exaggerated curved back which is designed to deliver a greater wobbling action

“Our goal in developing the 3D Minnow bait was to utilize the advanced technology that is available to Savage Gear,” stated Mike Bennett, Product Development manager. “The back of these baits feature a deep curve creating wobbling movement that drive walleye crazy.”


There are both clear and foil versions and Savage Gear goes a step further by offering blank "ready to paint" versions for anglers that want to create their own signature patterns

The new baits will be introduced with six colors designed to entice Walleye including Minnow, Golden Albino, Fire Tiger, Purple Minnow, and Blue Minnow.


A closer look at the 3D head on the bait


Savage Gear is going a step further by offering two blank versions, basically ready to paint models, which will come as a clear body or foil body versions so that anglers who are blessed with painting skills have a blank canvas in which to create their own patterns and better match the hatch.


The 3D minnow features textured and painted surfaces to generate more flash as the bait wobbles

Though they are designed specifically with Walleye in mind this new bait can also be used for other predatory species including largemouth and stripers. The 3D minnow will begin shipping within the next ten days and retail for $6.99 to $7.99 depending on the size of the bait.










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