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ProducTTPreview : Robo's 4.25 Robo Minnow & a Quantum Sneak Peak


Date: 5/2/12
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Roboworm
Reviewer: Cal



Introduction: Umbrella rigs for bass fishing continue to dominate the scene. If you haven't at least tried one, you're really missing out. As with any newly discovered or rediscovered technique, manufacturers are responding as best they can to position their product to take advantage of the surge in interest. One company very familiar to us, Roboworm, is the latest to enter the fray with their new, umbrella rigged sized swimbait, the 4.25 Robo Minnow.


Introducing the brand new 4.25" Robo Minnow.


The Robo Minnow is three quarters of an inch shorter than the EZ Shad.


The Robo Minnow (left) does not come with glued on eyes.


At first glance, the Robo Minnow resembles a downsized version of the popular 5” EZ-Shad. On closer inspection however, not only is the Minnow smaller (it’s 4.25 inches as its name implies) than it’s older sibling, it features ribbed sides, a non-slit belly, and concave circles in place of glued on eyes. Proportionately, the tail section on the Robo Minnow is also a little more stretched out than with the EZ-Shad.


A look at the Robo Minnow (bottom) versus the EZ Shad (top).


It's pretty obvious without this comparison but you can see here the Robo Minnow is much more slender than the EZ Shad.


The Robo Minnow will be available shortly through authorized Roboworm Dealers for roughly $8.99 per pack of five (5). Colors will include Sxe Shad, Ghost Minnow, Perfect Shad, Blue Back Shad, and Smokey Shad.

The tail of the Robo Minnow is missing the extra appendage on that of the EZ Shad.

The Robo Minnow will come in packs of five in these colors.

Early Tests : We received an actual on the water introduction to the Robo Minnow courtesy of Roy Gray, Manufacturer Representative. He received an early shipment from Roboworm and invited us out for a sneak peak. Roy also keeps us up to date on what's new with Lamiglas, Sunline, Big Bite Baits, Bass Patrol and a host of other manufacturers.

A closer look at the bait's eye and ribbing along the body.

There's no slit belly, but there is a channel on top to hide the hook point ...

... as well as a shallow channel on the bottom.

Forecasts were not favorable for our trip, but we ventured out regardless taking the opportunity to test out rain gear by SIMMS and GILL. Reviews for these rainsuits are forthcoming. Additionally, we had on hand products by Phenix Rods and some prototype Quantum EXO PT left handed reels.

Roy Gray showed us the Robo Minnow as well as several other products from Roboworm!

Whenever we take to the water, we have several products in mind to test. On this trip, that included some prototype Quantum EXO PT left handed reels as well as rods by Phenix.

But back to the Robo Minnow. This bait was designed to be fished on the popular umbrella rigs dominating the bass fishing market. Shown here rigged on a Megabass Spark Rig, we'd say our results were quite positive!

Conclusion: The 4.25 Robo Minnow was designed to be fished on an umbrella rig so I did just that. Thanks to Roy who had a bunch of these baits on hand for us to check out, I rigged five of them up on a prototype Quantum EXO PT left handed reel spooled with 16lb Sunline Super Natural Nylon Monofilament and mounted on a Phenix Recon PHX-C715H. Judging from just that first day alone, we look forward to a lot more good results from this new bait by Roboworm.









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