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Rapala's 2016 BASSMASTER Classic Introductions


Date: 3/4/16
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Rapala
Reviewer: Cal


Introduction: More and more manufacturers are taking advantage of the huge consumer crowds at the BASSMASTER Classic by making new product introductions to spark the new fishing season. This year, Rapala shared their plans with us by sending in samples of some new colors for their Shadow Rap (last year's introduction), and one sample of their brand new bait. Introducing the Shadow Rap Shad.


Introducing Rapala's new, Shadow Rap Shad.

The Shadow Rap Shad (SR Shad) is a smaller bait than the original Shadow Rap and with a slightly different profile. Where the original Shadow Rap is more minnow shaped, the SR Shad, obviously, is intended to mimic a minnow. Rapala made this adjustment by giving the SR Shad a slightly shorter body and a higher arching back.

New colors for the SR Shad and Original SR will be Olive Drab...


... Molten Copper ...

The bait's profile isn't the only difference. In the water, the SR Shad has a more arching, up and down movement together with the same side to side action as the original Shadow Rap. On the pause, the SR Shad shimmies for a bit before coming to a stand sill and then, with the nose up, it rises slowly like a dying baitfish.

... Haymaker ...


... Tropic Ice ...

That slow rise action on the rise is what has their pro-staff excited about this bait. Most jerkbaits will suspend perfectly still or rise a bit too fast. The SR Shad is designed to rise nice and slow with that nose pointing up like a shad on its last breath.

... Halloween ...


... Crush ....

The Shadow Rap Shad will be available in two models, a standard 3-4 foot diver (SDRS09) and a deeper, 5-6 foot diver (SDRSD09). Each bait measures three and half inches in length (3-1/2"), weighs approximately three eighths of an ounce (3.8oz), and comes with two,#6, VMC thin wire, black nickel, round bend hooks.

... Gone ...


... Purple Haze ...


... Imposter.


The Shadow Rap Shad will also come in two models - standard and deep diving (shown here).


Conclusion: The Shadow Rap Shad will share the same color palate as the original Shadow Rap including all the new colors shown here. Expected retail price is $8.99 with almost immediate availability at TackleWarehouse.com! We're looking forward to getting this new bait out on the water as well as testing out the new colors in the original Shadow Rap, and just in time as March is prime time jerkbait season out here in Northern California!









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