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MONSTERBASS Launches a Mean Popper, the Mad Max


Date: 9/1/21
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Monsterbass
Reviewer: Team TackleTour




Introduction: Monsterbass is known by anglers primarily as a fishing subscription service that delivers a bag of baits each month from well known brands designed for targeting bass. While the company has partnered up with many manufacturers they are now designing and launching more baits that are branded under their own "Monsterbass Collection," and the newest of which is a popper dubbed the Mad Max.


Meet the newest Monsterbass branded lure, the Mad Max popper


Who is MONSTERBASS?: Monsterbass started as a fishing "box" company that delivered a monthly variety of bass lures from well known brands including DUO, Strike King, Z-Man, War Eagle, Bagley, and Daichi, just to name a few. There are three options of varying box types and sizes ranging from the Regional Pro Series ($35.99), National Series ($25.99), and Multi-Species $35.99. By buying these baits in bulk and packaging them in these boxes the goal is to deliver more value than the monthly subscription price.


A look at the packaging. This bait will be coming in Monsterbass boxes this month but can be purchased separately for only $10 dollars


While there have been box subscriptions like this in the past Monsterbass tries to deliver a more tailored experience by building bait boxes designed for each angler's region, skill level, boat/bank preference, and favored techniques. This information comes from monthly surveys which the team utilizes to create ideal boxes (technically bags) of baits based on the angler's responses.


Monsterbass lures have featured crackle versions in the past and this one is called the Sexy Cracks pattern


Part of the success of this subscription model is the allure of receiving a mystery box of baits each month, and for many anglers this can even introduce new bait types, or methods of targeting bass, that they may not have previously explored.


Designed for low light and night fishing is the Midnight Run pattern


While the company continues to offer a diverse range of brands in their monthly boxes they also have been investing in building up their own in-house Monsterbass brand. The Mad Max topwater popper is the latest addition and one of the company's advantages is being able to test and deploy a large number of baits through their installed user base.


“Developing a single line of baits under the Monsterbass brand was always part of the plan,” stated Monsterbass founder Rick Patri. “We have a unique process for bringing baits to life. Rather than building a bait and getting feedback from a handful of pros, we’ve provided our subscribers with the opportunity to be key players in the lure development process. With Mad Max, we allowed more than 5,000 Monsterbass subscribers to test a previous version of the bait and provide feedback. Based on their input, we adjusted everything from the hooks to the sound of the rattles.  By giving thousands of real-world anglers a seat at the design table, Mad Max has become an irresistible popper that flat-out crushes bass!


The Bone pattern features a reflective finish with hints of blue and purple


Mad Max: The Monsterbass Mad Max features a deep front cup mouth and a tapered body for easy popping, spitting and chugging action. With a sharp snap the bait pushes a high volume of water and an accompanying gurgle.


Each bait features the MONSTERBASS brand right on top


The bait is weighted with rattles in the rear of the lure so it casts easily and accurately and when at rest the Mad Max popper sits with a tail-down in a nearly vertical posture to create a darting action and increase hookup ratios when paused.


One of the most interesting patterns is the understated, yet highly versatile, Money Gill


In terms of finishes the Mad Max is available in six baitfish imitating patterns consisting of both translucent and opaque finishes, these include Bone, Sexy Cracks, Green Sexy, Midnight Run, Money Gill, and Feeder Gill. A dressed rear treble is a nice touch and added colored threading adds some additional tail flash to the rear of the bait.


The Feeder Gill pattern is a good choice for clear water and has both gill and frog vibes


The Mad Max is a familiar size measuring 2 ˝” long and comes armed with sharp BKK treble hooks including that dressed rear treble and a red front treble which is designed to mimic an injured baitfish.


A Red Hook in the front is designed to mimic an injured baitfish


We've had the opportunity to test the Mad Max for a few weeks now and the bait is easy to work over open water, or alongside structure, and it puts out both a loud audible pop as well as a long bubble trail. One of the things that the team has noticed about the bait even though it has just begun our testing is just how loud it is when popped. Fish have been reacting strongly to the bait, and especially in low light, and especially when the water surface is calm.


Definitely for fans of topwater strikes. The Mad Max has already started to deliver fish in the last two weeks of use


Designed to be a topwater weapon this Fall Monsterbass subscribers will soon "witness" the Mad Max in their September subscription bags, or they can be purchased directly from the Monsterbass Collection store for only $10.00. It will be interesting to see how this reasonably priced bait holds up over time, and how it compares to more expensive domestic and JDM poppers. One thing for sure is that company is expanding their offerings, and by launching their own baits they reinforcing the Monsterbass brand to anglers in their large subscriber base, and introducing it to others that are interested in finding our more about the company's affordable in-house offerings.









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